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Jan 01, 2013

Cake Poker's $40k Holiday Gold Freeroll Series!

By RTR Dennis

Cake Poker Holiday Gold Rake The Rake

If Christmas shopping has put a major dent in your wallet, you should try and win some of this money back through the $40,000 Holiday Series that Cake Poker is holding. The $40k Holiday Series runs from December 20th, 2012 to January 1st, 2013, and a variety of Gold Chip and Gold Card buy-in tournaments will be held during this time. Anybody who’s hoping to earn a piece of the $40k in free cash should keep reading to find out more details.

Two Tourneys a Night
Every night from Dec. 20th to Jan. 1st features two different Gold buy-in tournaments. The first happens at 8pm GMT and will offer varying prizes and buy-ins (explained in listed schedule). The second nightly tourney runs at 9pm GMT, offers a $500 prize pool, and costs just one Gold Chip to enter. Now that we’ve explained the basics, here’s a look at the 8pm tournament schedule:

  • Dec. 20th – $2,000 prize pool, any 2 Series 2012 Gold Cards buy-in

  • Dec. 21st – Prizes are 15 tickets for $100k GTD, 20 Gold Chips buy-in

  • Dec. 22nd – $2,500 prize pool, any 2 Gold Cards buy-in

  • Dec. 23rd – Top 100 players win $5k GTD ticket, 10 Gold Cards buy-in

  • Dec. 24th – Top 100 players win $25 cash, any 3 Gold Cards buy-in

  • Dec. 25th – $1,500 prize pool, 5 Gold Chips buy-in

  • Dec. 26th – Top 40 players win $40 cash, any 5 Gold Cards buy-in

  • Dec. 27th – Top 50 players win $50 cash, any 4 Gold Cards buy-in

  • Dec. 28th – 15 tickets given out for $100k GTD, 10 Gold Chips buy-in

  • Dec. 29th – $2,000 prize pool, any Jack Gold Card buy-in

  • Dec. 30th – $1,500 prize pool, 3 Gold Chips buy-in

  • Dec. 31st – $2,500 prize pool, any 2 Series 2012 Gold Cards buy-in

  • Jan. 1st – $2,500 prize pool, any 2 Series 2013 Gold Cards buy-in
Earning Gold Cards and Chips
Collecting both Gold Cards and Gold Chips at Cake is easy because you simply need to hit the tables and start playing. As you earn loyalty points from tournaments and cash games, your Gold Chip Meter will fill and you’ll eventually be awarded a Gold Chip. In regard to Gold Cards, these are randomly awarded to one cash game player when a table reaches the required rake amount.

Cake Poker Rakeback and Bonus
Anybody who’s not already a member of Cake Poker is highly encouraged to sign up here through RakeTheRake. By signing up through RakeTheRake, you’ll receive both a 200% up to $4,000 bonus along with 36% Cake Poker rakeback deal.