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Jan 29, 2013

Carbon Poker’s Last Man Standing offering over $32k

By RTR Dennis

Carbon Poker Last Man Standing Rake The Rake

Carbon Poker will be bringing back a very popular promotion in February when “Last Man Standing” returns. This is a true test of online poker endurance since it sees players try to hit designated VIP point totals from February 1st to March 30th, 2013. Assuming you can hit a daily point total, you’ll live to play another day in this promotion.

The 100 players who survive the longest will all share in $27,700 worth of cash prizes. Carbon Poker will also hold a $5,000 freeroll for anybody who hits the required point total up until February 9th. There’s a lot to cover here, so let’s take a closer look at each aspect of Last Man Standing.

Meeting the VIP Point Totals
The best place to start with this promotion is how you survive and keep moving towards the cash. As mentioned before, you need to meet the required number of VIP points for each particular day. From February 1st-5th, this would mean hitting 50 points on every day; after this, the required point total shifts to 100 for February 6th-8th. You can expect the daily points needed to gradually increase over the course of the promo.

One nice thing about Last Man Standing is that missing a required day doesn’t automatically mean you’re eliminated. That’s because each player is given three free days that they can miss from February 1st to March 17th. If you miss a fourth VIP point total during this period, or fail to hit the required points after Mar. 17th, you’re eliminated from the promotion.

Remember that anybody who carries one or more free days past Mar. 17th will receive a cash bonus(s). The bonuses are as follows:

  • 1 free day left = $25

  • 2 free days left = $50

  • 3 free days left = $100
The $5k Freeroll
Like we mentioned in the introduction, certain participants of Last Man Standing will get to play in a $5,000 freeroll. To get a ticket for this big freeroll, all you have to do is survive past February 8th. And you can even use your free days to meet the tournament requirements. Eligible players will receive a coupon on February 9th, and below you can see the freeroll details:

Date/Time: February 10th at 15:00 EST Tourney Location: visit “Tournament” > “Special” in the software Tournament Name: Last Man Standing Freeroll ($5,000) Cash Prizes
While a $5k freeroll ticket is certainly nice, many players will be gunning for the big cash payouts in this event. Assuming you also want to chase after these prizes, be sure to visit your Carbon “Player Admin” area and choose “Activate Promo” to make your VIP points count. Now here are the cash payouts that are available:

  • 1st - $5,000

  • 2nd - $3,500

  • 3rd - $2,000

  • 4th - $1,750

  • 5th - $1,500

  • 6th - $1,250

  • 7th - $1,000

  • 8th - $800

  • 9th - $650

  • 10th - $500

  • 11th-13th - $425

  • 14th-17th - $350

  • 18th-21st - $300

  • 22nd-25th - $250

  • 26th-30th - $200

  • 31st-35th - $150

  • 36th-40th - $100

  • 41st-50th - $75

  • 51st-75th - $50

  • 76th-100th - $25