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Jan 09, 2013

Fortune Poker running €25k New Year Challenge: €5k to the Winner!

By RTR Dennis

25k new year challenge page

The New Year celebration didn’t stop for Fortune Poker when the ball dropped at midnight on January 1st, 2013. In fact, the celebration is still going on since there’s a €25,000 New Year Challenge running from now until January 31st. And what’s great is that grinders from all poker disciplines can compete in this promotion since it’s for SNG, MTT and cash game players. That’s said, here’s a closer look at the New Year Challenge and how you can earn a share of the €25k.

Five Different Qualifying Routes
On February 12th, 2013, Fortune will run a €25,000 freeroll for 100 lucky players, and first place receives €5,000 of this amount. The 100 freeroll seats will be filled by the top 20 players from five different New Year Challenge leaderboards. You’re not required to compete in all five challenges, but the more you participate in, the better chance you have at entering the big freeroll. Below you can see the five different leaderboards and their requirements:

  • SNG Race, January 14th-31st, 2013 – Points are awarded to players who compete in SNG’s during this period; the points depend upon finish position and the SNG size. The top 100 points earners move on to a qualification tourney where the highest 20 finishers receive €25k freeroll seats.

  • MTT Freeroll League, January 14th-31st, 2013 – Players need to compete in a daily €100 freeroll at 18:45 GMT to earn points for this leaderboard. The top 100 during the period move on to a qualifying tourney where 20 freeroll seats are up for grabs.

  • MTT League, January 14th-31st, 2013 – Players need to participate in a daily €5,000 Guaranteed at 19:30 GMT to collect points for this leaderboard. The top 100 points earners move on to a qualifying tournament where 20 freeroll tickets are the prizes.

  • Rake Race, January 14th-31st, 2013 – Cash game players try to generate as much rake as possible during this period. The top 100 rake earners compete in a qualifying tourney for 20 freeroll tickets.

  • Frequent Player Mechanic, January 1st-31st, 2013 – Grinders must play at least 20 raked hands on 15 or more days in January. All eligible players compete in a qualifying tournament where 20 seats are given out for the €25,000 freeroll.
€25k Freeroll Prize Pool Breakdown

  • 1st – €5,000

  • 2nd – €3,000

  • 3rd – €2,000

  • 4th – €1,500

  • 5th – €1,000

  • 6th – €800

  • 7th – €600

  • 8th – €400

  • 9th – €300

  • 10th – €200

  • 11th-20th – €160

  • 21st-50th – €120

  • 51st-100th – €100

With five different ways to enter the huge €25,000 New Year Challenge freeroll, you definitely have a good shot at winning a seat!