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Jan 17, 2013

RakeTheRake's first King of Gamers freeroll recap by Max Silver

By RTR Dennis

King Of Gamers Competition logo Final1

Welcome to the recap of the first King of Gamers freeroll, held exclusively at RakeTheRake. 10 players would turn up for the first tournament, but competition would be intense.

In an early big pot Sanjay would limp in from the cutoff and Cabrrera would check his action in the big blind. They'd both see a 4d6d3s flop and Cabrrera would lead out with a minbet, Sanjaylfc would call and the 7h rolled off on the turn, completing a straight.

Cabrerra would check his option and call a bet. The 2d would hit on the river and it would be now that Cabrrera would spring to life; overbetting 220 into a pot of 130; not to be perturbed Sanjay raised to 440 and called a shove. Both players would have Td5s and 5c5h respectively for the straight and the early pot would be chopped.

Early play elsewhere was cagey, with no one wanting to be the first to bust. The first elimination came after a 100 chip raise by Arachne89, rfc_david would shove all in for 1300 with Q8 of diamonds and would be snap called by Arachne's 2 black kings. the T63 flop left little hope for rfc_david and the 3 turn left him drawing dead. With that we'd be down to 9 players and the final table.

In the first monster pot of the final table Cabrerra would open for a limp, only to be isolated by Sanjay in the hijack, Arachne would then 3bet the big blind and that's when the madness started; Cabrrera would make it 4bets then Sanjay would make it 5, both times for the minimum. All 3 players would call and find themselves on a flop of QT5.

Sanjay would continue for 600 before Arachne would move all in; Cabrerra would snap call for for his tournament life and receive an instant overcall from Sanjay. Here were the hands at showdown.

Flop 5dThQs
Arachne89: As2s
Cabrrera: AdQh
Sanjaylfc252: KsKc

Sanjay would be a 77% favorite to triple up and the 3c turn and 7h river was exactly what he needed. Cabrrera would be eliminated in 9th place.

Despite his chip lead Sanjay would hold back and let Arachne89 take control of the the final table, using aggression to win 11 pots in a row without showdown. He would continue this run with a huge double up through Sanjay.

Arachne would minraise preflop only to face a huge 3bet by Sanjay, he would call and the 2 would see a flop of 8s4h6s. Sanjay slowed down with a check and would be faced by a huge all in bet, over twice the pot. Sanjay made the call and would see the bad news.

flop 8s4h6s
Arachne89 Khkd
Sanjaylfc252: AdQd

Arachne would be a 86% favourite to double up and as the board bricked out he'd secure even more of a stranglehold on this final table.

With a couple of the remaining players sitting out they'd be whittled down by Arachne and Sanjay until only 4 remained. Vampirs123 becoming the unfortunate bubble boy with KarLybob! just squeaking into the money before busting, good for £50.00.

Sanjay and Arachne would both be guaranteed a spot in the grand final but would still play out an their headsup match. Vying for the first place money of £125.00. The match had a slow start until a single massive hand decided the winner.

Sanjay would limp in with 66 and Arachne would check his option with 45o. Fireworks were guaranteed on the 763 flop with Arachne flopping the nuts, Sanjay flopping a set of 6's. Arachne would lead out and Sanjay would just smooth call, opting to play his hand slow. The As would turn and the flop action would repeat itself, with a bet and a call. The 7h river was a dagger to the heart of Arachne, his opponents smooth call giving him no idea that he was now facing a Full House.

Arachne would make a large bet and Sanjay would move all in. Arachne would call and face the bad news and Sanjay would win the inaugural King of Gamers freeroll.

With only 10 players playing this week be sure to make sure you get registered for next weeks freeroll at the King of Gamers home page - https://www.raketherake.com/king-of-gamers

Congratulations to Arachne89 and Sanjaylfc252. I'll see you in the grand final on February 13th.