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Jan 30, 2013

Xbox Live Arcade welcomes ‘World Series of Poker: Full House Pro’

By RTR Dennis

World Poker Tour Full House Pro XBLA Rake The Rake

Following the massive success of ‘Full House Poker’, Microsoft have announced that Xbox Live Arcade will release the much anticipated follow up ‘World Series of Poker: Full House Pro’! The Xbox poker game will be a completely free experience with all players starting each day with a new stack of chips at no charge.

Dubbed ‘ the most visually stunning digital poker game on the market The sequel will also see the addition of real casinos from around the world and voiceovers from ESPN announcers Norman Chad and Lon McEachern. And the great news is that the game will be available for both Xbox and Windows 8 – so players can get their Full House fix anytime, anywhere, on any of the associated platforms. Plus ‘World Series of Poker: Full House Pro’ also contains great features such as:


  • The chance to learn your way around the game in single player mode before jumping into the multiplayer tournament modes with specialty games like All-in Pro Takedown, and Eight Head-to-Head Pro Takedown.

  • Constant stream of new content and updates

  • In-play commentary from ESPN’s Lon McEachern and Norman Chad to give the feeling of taking part in the WSOP live on ESPN!

  • Wide range of game modes including everything from single table to enormous tournaments.

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