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Feb 04, 2013

Everest Poker running $8m worth of Monthly Tournaments!

By RTR Dennis

8 mill gtd Everest Poker

As a poker tournament player, it pays to grind at sites where you have access to a wide range of cash-filled events. This being said, Everest Poker is a great room to play at because they offer $8 million in monthly tournament cash.

You can find lots of big tourneys every day at Everest just by visiting the “Scheduled” > “All” buttons in their software. There are also plenty of huge weekly events, as you can see below (all times GMT):

  • Sunday $200,000 Guaranteed – $200 + $15 buy-in, runs at 18:00

  • Monday $40,000 GP High Roller – $500 + $30 buy-in, runs at 20:45

  • Tuesday $40,000 GP Super Tuesday Rebuy – $100 + $9 buy-in, runs at 20:45

  • Wednesday $25,000 GTD Rebuy – $100 + $9 buy-in, runs at 20:30

  • Thursday €12,500 GTD Rebuy – €100 + €9 buy-in, runs at 20:45

  • Friday $50,000 GTD – $100 + $9 buy-in, runs at 20:00

  • Saturday $30,000 GP – $100 + $9 buy-in, runs at 19:30

If you want to play in any of these tourneys, but the buy-in is too steep, keep in mind that there are lots of daily satellites running at Everest. Now let’s move on to a few of the other interesting tournament types here.

Jackpot Tournaments
While grinding and building your bankroll is always nice, it’s even more fun to win a huge sum of money right away. And that’s the whole idea behind Everest Poker’s Jackpot Tournaments, where you can hit a progressive jackpot by winning enough SNG’s in a row. Here’s a quick look at the available SNG’s with their starting progressive jackpot amounts:

  • $2,000 Progressive Dirty Dozen – $2 + $0.40 buy-in, win four of these 12-handed, two-table SNG’s in a row for the jackpot.

  • $15,000 Progressive Maui – $5 + $1 buy-in, win five consecutive Maui SNG’s for the jackpot, earn a $200 consolation prize by finishing first or second in five straight SNG’s.

  • $30,000 Progressive Rio – $20 + $3.50 buy-in, win six of these six-handed SNG’s in a row to claim the jackpot, earn a $300 consolation payout by finishing first or second in six straight tourneys.

  • $50,000 Fort Knox – $50 + $9 buy-in, take first in six consecutive Fort Knox SNG’s for the jackpot, collect a $750 consolation prize by taking first or second in six straight tournaments.

  • $50,000 Craze – $10 + $2 buy-in, Everest will offer a $50k jackpot to the winner of four consecutive Craze SNG’s in a 14-day period.
Steps Tournaments
Earlier we mentioned how players can enter some of Everest Poker’s bigger tournaments by competing in satellites. And one of the more unique style of satellites are the Steps Tournaments, which allow players to start at one of several levels and work their way up to a big tourney seat. If you win a Step 7 SNG, you’ll receive a free $215 ticket to the weekly $200,000 Guaranteed.

All seven Steps offer various prizes to the top finishers, so we won’t discuss every single prize structure. But as an example, the $1 + $0.10 Step 3 SNG offers the following payouts:

  • 1st place = Step 4 token ($3.30)

  • 2nd place = Step 4 token ($3.30)

  • 3rd place = Step 3 token ($1.10)

  • 4th place = Step 3 token ($1.10)

  • 5th place = Step 2 token ($0.55)

  • 6th place = Step 2 token ($0.55)

  • 7th place = Cash ($3.30)

As you can see, Steps Tournaments are a great way to win a seat in one of the bigger tourneys at Everest Poker. And the big tournaments are definitely worth playing in since they feature such huge prize pools!