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Feb 08, 2013

PKR TV surpasses 500,000 YouTube Views

By RTR Dennis

PKR tv1

As we’ve discussed in the past, one of the most exciting aspects to PKR is that they run their own TV program. And PKR TV is definitely a nice program to appear on because this YouTube channel recently surpassed 500,000 views! With the 500k-plus views, this has now become one of the top five poker room YouTube channels in the world.

In addition to being shown on YouTube, clips from PKR TV also appear on the Poker Channel, which is available to over 30 million households throughout Europe and South America. If you’re interested in getting on one of these TV shows, keep reading to find out more details on the matter.

About PKR TV
PKR have now broadcasted over 400 episodes that cover everything from the site’s biggest tournaments to cash game stakes as low as $0.25/$0.50. Because such a wide range of poker events are shown on PKR TV, virtually anybody who plays at this room has a shot at being seen. Aside from online poker games, people can also expect to see tips and tutorials from Team PKR Pros.

Speaking of which, each show is hosted by site pros Vladimir ‘Beyne’ Geshkenbein and Scott ‘PKR_Scott’ Shelley along with Dan Grant and Rachael Downie. Grant discussed the team’s goal by saying, “Winning a tournament, running a huge cash game bluff…these are the moments we play poker for. To have them recorded for posterity, and analyzed by pros is something we want every level of PKR player to have.”

Getting on TV
The best way to get on PKR TV and have your game analyzed by pros like Geshkenbein and Shelley is to compete in the site’s biggest tournaments each month. This poker room usually designates certain tourneys that’ll be shown on their YouTube channel. For example, the $20,000 Mini Masters tournament ($6 buy-in) is often featured on YouTube.

Assuming you long for more than just TV coverage, keep in mind that PKR offers a wide range of other perks, including stunning 3D software, unparalleled avatar and table customization, frequent promotions and a wide range of tournaments. You can play at PKR with the best PKR Poker rakeback deal available when you sign up with RakeTheRake.