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Feb 25, 2013

Play in PokerStars’ $7 Million Anniversary Tourney for $1

By RTR Dennis

Sm 07th anniversary header

Most couples celebrate their anniversary by eating at an overpriced restaurant and forcing themselves to see a movie that they’d rather wait for on DVD. This being said, PokerStars must be the ultimate romantic because their anniversary celebration consists of a $7,000,000 Guaranteed tournament on March 3rd, 2013.

This tourney is being held to commemorate PokerStars’ seven-year love affair with the Sunday Million – the online poker industry’s largest weekly event. The winner of the 7th Anniversary $7 Million event is guaranteed a $1 million prize, and there’ll be plenty of other huge payouts as well.

If you’re interesting in chasing the $1 million top prize, you can either pay a $215 direct buy-in or try winning a seat through satellites that are currently running at Stars. The “Deadline Satellite” is going to award 1,000 seats to the $7 Million Guaranteed event! Let’s cover some more information about the big tournament along with how you can win seats for cheap.

Finding the $7 Million Guaranteed
The 7th Anniversary tournament will take place on March 3rd at 14:30 ET. In order to find this tourney, you need to visit the ‘Tourney’ > ‘Special’ tabs in the PokerStars lobby. The prize pool is guaranteed to be worth $7 million, but many of Stars’ high-profile events often exceed the guaranteed amount.

$7 Million Guaranteed Satellites
Those looking for the 7th Anniversary $7 Million tournament satellites can find them by visiting the ‘Tourney’ > ‘Satellites’ tabs. With buy-ins as low as $1 and 50 FPPs, anybody has a shot at winning a $215 seat! Now here’s a closer look at the individual satellites:


  • $1 Feeder Satellites – Run hourly starting on February 24th, winners receive an $11 Deadline Satellite ticket.

  • $11 Deadline Satellite – Runs on March 3rd (Sunday), 1,000 seats for the $7 Million Guaranteed will be given away.
VIP Satellites

  • Round 1, 50 FPPs buy-in – Runs on March 2nd (Saturday) at 12:30 ET, 300 ‘Round 2’seats are guaranteed.

  • Round 1 (Turbo), 50 FPPs buy-in –Takes place on March 2nd at 14:00 ET, 150 ‘Round 2’ seats are guaranteed.

  • Round 2, 500 FPPs buy-in – Happens on March 2nd at 14:30 ET, 200 Sunday Million 7th Anniversary seats will be guaranteed.