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Apr 07, 2013

$4m Pokerfest III is coming to Party Poker

By RTR Dennis

Pokerfest banner

In just a few weeks, Party Poker are bringing back their flagship tournament series, Pokerfest III. This event will run from April 21st-May 5th and offer $4 million in guaranteed money. And the highlight of Pokerfest III will no doubt be the Main Event, which is going to offer $1.5 million guaranteed!

This series will feature 64 tournaments in all, with 4-6 tourneys running every day. We’ll refrain from releasing the entire schedule here because that’d get pretty lengthy. However, you can see the bigger Pokerfest III tournaments below (all times CET):

  • April 21st at 19:30 – $350,000 NL Hold’em, $215 buy-in

  • April 21st at 20:15 – $75,000 NLHE, $108 buy-in

  • April 21st at 21:00 – $250,000 NLHE, $530 buy-in

  • April 22nd at 21:00 – $80,000 NLHE Speed Rebuy, $54 buy-in

  • April 23rd at 21:00 – $40,000 PL Omaha, $108 buy-in

  • April 24th at 21:00 – $70,000 NLHE, $108 buy-in

  • April 26th at 21:00 – $50,000 NLHE Speed, $108 buy-in

  • April 28th at 19:30 – $350,000 NLHE, $215 buy-in

  • April 28th at 21:00 – $450,000 NLHE, $1,060 buy-in

  • April 29th at 21:00 – $70,000 NLHE Rebuy, $54 buy-in

  • May 1st at 21:00 – $25,000 NLHE Heads-up Speed, $54 buy-in

  • May 3rd at 21:00 – $100,000 NLHE, $108 buy-in

  • May 4th at 21:00 – $75,000 NLHE Bounty, $215 buy-in

  • May 5th at 19:30 – $1,500,000 Main Event NLHE, $640 buy-in

Do note that these are only the largest tourneys, and there are plenty of other events where buy-ins go as low as $0.50. Assuming you’ve got your eye on the big tournaments, yet don’t have enough for the buy-ins, there are plenty of ways to win seats. That said, let’s cover the satellites and Pokerfest III giveaways.

Pokerfest III Satellites
There’ll be dozens of daily satellites running for this event up until May 5th. Some of the satellites are as cheap as $0.50 while there are also freerolls too. Keep in mind that the satellites change on a daily basis, so you’ll need to visit Party and look in their tournaments section for times and dates. Also note that there’ll be both a $5,000 and $10,000 Pokerfest Mega Satellite, where tons of tickets are going to be given out.

Pokerfest Daily Prize Card
From now until Pokerfest III is over, there’s a Daily Prize Card promotion taking place. All you need to do is earn one Party Point in a day and you’ll receive a prize card. If you’re lucky, the card might even contain a free tournament seat!

Pokerfest Depositor Freeroll
Now is the perfect time to deposit at Party Poker because of the Pokerfest Depositor Freeroll. You simply need to make a deposit with the “POKERFEST” code and you’ll receive a free entry into the aforementioned $10,000 Mega Satellite.