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Apr 05, 2013

Black Chip Poker running $10k April SNG Race

By RTR Dennis

Black Chip Race

Online poker cash races are always fun because they give frequent players a chance to compete for huge prizes. Unfortunately, the problem with these races is that cash players have an advantage since it’s easier to generate rake by playing lots of hands per hour. Going further, sit and go specialists don’t really have much of an opportunity to win.

This being said, Black Chip Poker have chosen to hold a contest that’s solely dedicated to SNG players. This $10,000 SNG Race will run from now until April 30th, and first place is guaranteed $1,500. But even if you don’t reach the top, there’s plenty of money to go around since the first 120 players will get paid. You can see all of the payouts below:

  • 1st – $1,500

  • 2nd – $1,000

  • 3rd – $800

  • 4th – $600

  • 5th-6th – $400

  • 7th-8th – $200

  • 9th-18th – $100

  • 19th-30th – $75

  • 31st-60th – $50

  • 61st-120th – $25

As you can see, there are definitely going to be some big prizes paid out during this event. If you’re wondering how to earn points and move up the SNG Race leaderboard, points are calculated through the following formula: Tourney Fee x Number of Players / 5. To illustrate an example of this formula in action, let’s say that you play in a $50 + $5 SNG with 9 players. You would then earn 9 points through this lone SNG [(5 x 9) / 5 = 9 points].

Any non-Black Chip members who are interested in the $10k SNG Race should note that they’ll get several bonuses for signing up through RakeTheRake. First off, players will receive up to a $1,000 sign-up bonus and 27% rakeback. In addition to this, first-time depositors also get tickets for all of that month’s $250 New Depositors Freerolls. So if you sign up and deposit at the beginning of a month, you’ll be competing for a combined $1,000 through four freerolls.