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Apr 13, 2013

Carbon Poker holding $25k Poker Maximus Freeroll Giveaway

By RTR Dennis

Poker Maximus girls

Just a month and a half ago, the Poker Maximus IV series paid out $1.3 million across dozens of tournaments. The final day was definitely impressive since it featured four main events where a collective $330,000 was delivered. And 'jakey541' was the biggest winner on this day as he took down the $125k Guaranteed High Roller along with $30,500.

What's great is that Carbon Poker is already gearing up for Poker Maximus V, which is set to take place in May. No exact figures have been released on how much money will be offered, but it's a good bet that well over $1 million is going to be guaranteed. Assuming you'd like to get involved in Poker Maximus V, Carbon is offering a great opportunity to win free seats for this event.

They're holding a $25,000 Poker Maximus Freeroll, where 500 tournament tickets will be given out. The tourney happens on April 28th at 16:00 server time, and the entry qualifications are quite simple really. All one needs to do is earn 50 VIP points from April 1st to the freeroll start time. And collecting 50 VIP points is pretty easy since you get 10 points for every $1 in tournament or cash game rake generated.

After earning the required points, you can navigate to the "Tournaments" > "Special" buttons in the Carbon Poker software and register for the event. Seeing as how 500 players receive a Poker Maximus V seat, you have a pretty good chance of winning. You can see all of the available prizes below:

  • 1st - 18th places - $530 tournament ticket

  • 19th - 45th places - $215 ticket

  • 46th - 72nd places - $109 ticket

  • 73rd - 99th places - $60 ticket

  • 100th - 130th places - $33 ticket

  • 131st - 500th places - $11 ticket