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Apr 16, 2013

Get in RedKing’s $25k Hot Streak Competition

By RTR Dennis

Do you already play lots of sit and go’s? If so, you should definitely think about getting involved in the Hot Streak Competition at RedKings. That’s because the Hot Streak Competition is a monthly SNG race that pays out $25,000!

The $25k race is divided into two “rounds” with an equal $12,500 being paid out in each one. The first round is running now 'til the 21st, while the second round runs from April 22nd-28th. So if you can’t participate in Round 1, you’ll still have an opportunity to win in Round 2.

What’s great about the Hot Streak Competition is that players of all bankrolls will have an opportunity to win money. Of the $12.5k that’s paid out in each round, $9,000 of this amount will go to the Gold Leaderboard ($5.50 SNG buy-ins and above), and $3,500 goes to the Silver Leaderboard ($5 SNG buy-ins or less). You can see the top payouts for each board below:

Gold Leaderboard (top 100 get paid)
1. $800
2. $560
3. $450
4. $350
5. $280

Silver Leaderboard (top 100 get paid)
1. $300
2. $200
3. $170
4. $140
5. $110

Players earn leaderboard points by cashing in SNG’s, and they have a set number of tourneys to accumulate as many points as possible during each round. Going further, points are recorded in blocks of 20 sequential SNG’s, and everybody can play up to five blocks where only the best block counts towards the board. Here’s a closer look at how this works:

  • First Block – 0-20 sequential SNG’s

  • Second Block – 21-40 sequential SNG’s

  • Third Block – 41-60 sequential SNG’s

  • Fourth Block – 61-80 sequential SNG’s

  • Fifth Block – 81-100 sequential SNG’s
Best-scoring block counts towards the leaderboard

Assuming you already enjoy playing SNG’s, you have nothing to lose by trying the monthly $25k Hot Streak Competition at RedKings. And with the top 100 players earning money on both the Gold and Silver Leaderboard, you’ll have a nice chance to earn some extra cash!