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May 03, 2013

Become King of the Hill at Sky Poker

By RTR Dennis

Sky Poker King of the Hill Rake The Rake

It's good to be king – especially when the king earns hundreds of pounds from Sky Poker every night!

This May, Sky Poker is holding a 'King of the Hill' tournament nightly at 9pm GMT. The winner becomes the king and earns hundreds of pounds every night until they're knocked off the top. The tournament requires a fairly low £7.50 buy-in, and this buy-in breaks down as follows:

  • £5 goes towards the King of the Hill tournament prize pool.

  • £2 goes into the King of the Hill Heads-up Match prize pool.

  • 50p is taken by Sky Poker as tournament fees.

As mentioned above, the winner of each tourney moves on to the King of the Hill Heads-up Match, where they play the previous champion of the Heads-up Match. Whoever wins this HU battle scoops the KOTH Heads-Up Match prize pool.

To illustrate an example of this, let's say that you play in a King of the Hill tournament with 300 players. This would create a £1,650 prize pool, with an additional £600 set aside for the KOTH Heads-Up Match. Assuming you were to win both the tournament and the HU battle, you'd collect the first place payout along with another £600, and get to continue playing KOTH Heads-Up Matches until you lose.

Seeing as how the buy-in is just £7.50 and only 50p is taken out in tournament fees, the King of the Hill tournament offers some nice value. Of course, the value is at the top when you consider the HU prize that's given out every night. So if you're interested in the KOTH tourneys, make sure you play to win!

Also, don't forget that every tournament or cash game played at Sky Poker earns you rewards points. And these points are instrumental in getting you Sky Poker rakeback, cash for points, free tournament tickets, and even prize packages for Sky Poker Tour events.