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Aug 02, 2013

Americas Cardroom paying Huge Prizes for 1-Year Anniversary of “The Beast”

By RTR Dennis

The Beast 1st Anniversary

The Beast 1st Anniversary

It’s been a year now and ‘The Beast’ has yet to be tamed at Americas Cardroom. The Beast is still going strong after paying out almost $2 million since being introduced last August. Because this monthly progressive cash race remains wildly popular, ACR has decided to celebrate the one-year anniversary by adding $51,000 to The Beast’s August prize pool. Here is a look at how the extra $51k will be distributed:

Daily Leaderboards
Every day throughout August, ACR will award $1,000 to the top 10 finishers on the leaderboard. Keep in mind that the leaderboard results are reset every day, which gives players a clean slate.

Weekly Leaderboards
The 115 players who accumulate the most points on the weekly Beast leaderboard will share in $5,000. When the week is over, everything starts anew.

Monthly Leaderboards
At the end of August, ACR will award huge cash payouts and Punta Cana Classic prize packages to the top finishers. Since The Beast is a progressive race, the amount of cash rewards and prizes packages will increase as more players enter.

Those wanting to participate in this month’s festivities need to sit down at the Beast Jackpot Tables and earn beast points. These points advance you up the leaderboard and on towards bigger prizes. A small fee is taken from rake collected at Beast Jackpot Tables, and this money goes towards funding the aforementioned leaderboard races. The only difference this month is that an extra $51k will be added to the mix!

Michael Harris, who’s the spokesperson for ACR, specifically discussed the added $51k. “Over the past year, one thing has been consistent,” Harris said. “Once players understand how The Beast works, they all agree it is the best promotion in online poker, period. Add $51,000 to that, and The Beast will have a first anniversary worth remembering.

“Our hope is that players who want to get a feel for The Beast will participate in the daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards in August. With the additional $51,000 to the prize pool, we think that is the best-ever incentive to try taming The Beast.”

Once again, The Beast has paid nearly $2 million in just one year. This means that players are collecting over $160,000 worth of prize money every month through The Beast. And you can expect much more than $160k this month!