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Aug 19, 2013

Party Poker offering $5,000 WPT Montreal Prize Packages

By RTR Dennis

WPT Montreal


Last year's WPT Montreal Main Event was huge! The prize pool was worth $3,407,206, and $777,903 went to the champion Jonathan Roy. Nothing is expected to change this year as the 2013 WPT Montreal tournament should once again be big.

Party Poker want to ensure that lots of players have an opportunity to play in this tournament because they're offering $5,000 WPT Montreal prize packages. Each package will include the following perks:

  • $3,650 Main Event buy-in (CAD$3,850)

  • $1,350 spending money

  • Incredible hospitality

Those interested in winning one of these packages should note that satellites and qualifiers are running until November 4th, 2013. And what's great is that some of the following satellites are even free to enter:

  • Daily WPT Montreal Freeroll - The top 25 players win a $1 WPT Montreal Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy seat.

  • $1 WPT Montreal Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy - One player wins a $30 WPT Montreal Satellite Qualifier ticket for every $30 in the prize pool.

  • $3 WPT Montreal Sub Qualifier Speed - A $30 WPT Montreal Satellite Qualifier seat is awarded for every $30 in the prize pool.

  • $30 WPT Montreal Satellite Qualifier - Runs daily at 20:50 CET (14:50ET), a $275 WPT Montreal Satellite ticket is given away for every $275 in the pool.

  • $275 WPT Montreal Satellite – Runs every Sunday at 20:50 CET (14:50ET), and one $5,000 WPT Montreal prize package is awarded in every satellite.

Remember that the 2013 WPT Montreal Main Event is one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. And seeing as how Jonathan Roy won almost $778k last year, there is definitely going to be major money available in this tourney.