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Sep 10, 2013

Share in over $33k through Carbon Poker's Last Man Standing

By RTR Dennis

Carbon Poker Last Man Standing Rake The Rake

Carbon Poker Last Man Standing RakeTheRakeCarbon Poker wants to test your endurance through 'Last Man Standing,' which runs from September 8th to October 30th. Last Man Standing will offer $27,700 in cash and $5,375 in freeroll prizes over the course of this 53-day poker ironman challenge. Assuming you'd like to compete for the large amount of free money that's available, check out how this promo works along with the available prizes.

Survival Guide
The key to staying alive in Last Man Standing and working towards major cash involves earning VIP points. Just visit your player admin area, opt-in to this promotion, then play in real money cash games and tournaments to earn points. Every day during Last Man Standing has a specified point goal that you need to hit to stay alive. We won't list the entire calendar, but here's a sample of the first week:

Sept. 8th - 50 VIP points

Sept. 9th - 75 points

Sept. 10th - 100 points

Sept. 11th - 100 points

Sept. 12th - 150 points

Sept. 13th - 150 points

Sept. 14th - 150 points

Free Days
Carbon isn't overly strict with this promotion because players are allowed to miss up to three days. As long as you don't miss a fourth day, you'll stay in the promo and keep chasing prizes. Also keep in mind that you can't use free days after 45 days have passed in Last Man Standing. So following October 22nd, any days missed will result in you being booted from the competition. If you're lucky enough to have any days left after the 22nd, you'll be rewarded with these prizes:

$25 for 1 free day remaining
$50 for 2 free days
$100 for 3 free days

Cash Payouts
The last 100 players to survive this promo will earn a share of the $27.7k in cash. Here's a look at the top 10 payouts that are available:

1. $5,000
2. $3,500
3. $2,000
4. $1,750
5. $1,500
6. $1,250
7. $1,000
8. $800
9. $650
10. $500

One last thing worth discussing here is the Last Man Standing freeroll that'll run on September 15th at 15:00 server time. To qualify for this promotion, you simply need to survive for the first six days. Assuming you can do this, you'll be playing in the freeroll, which offers 25 seats for the Poker Maximus VI Main Event. Seeing as how each of these seats is worth $215, there'll be $5,375 worth of prizes given out.

As you can see, there's certainly no shortage of rewards available in Last Man Standing. So you should definitely consider earning as many VIP points as you can over the coming weeks.