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Oct 13, 2013

"PlayinWasted" wins 2013 PokerStars WCOOP Main Event and $1.5m

By RTR Dennis

The 2013 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) came to an exciting conclusion with a massive $10.6 million Main Event. 2,133 players either bought or won their $5,200 WCOOP Main Event seat, which created a $10,665,000 prize pool.

The money bubble burst on Day 2, with the top 243 players all securing at least a $12,798 payout. Some of the big names who shared in the wealth included Jens 'Jeans89' Kyllönen (47th, $26,662), Caio Pimenta (43rd, $29,862), Jason 'TheMasterJ33' DeWitt (27th, $39,460), Chris 'SLOPPYKLOD' Klodnicki (21st, $39,460) and Jon 'PearlJammer' Turner (15th, $56,524).

When the 9-player final table was formed, two Germans in 'SwissCantMis' (11,392,103 chips) and 'PlayinWasted' (7,551,467) were leading the way. Several well-known online poker players were still alive too, including Daniel 'Allanon85' Drescher (2,709,187), Shane 'shaniac' Schleger (3,694,701) and Stefan Tobias 'Vampyboy' Kolossow (2,518,386). It's worth noting that both Drescher and Kolossow were also from Germany, making for a total of four Germans on the final table.

Interestingly enough, SwissCantMis, PlayinWasted and Drescher battled their way to the end and decided to make a three-way deal. The deal saw them all earn seven-figure payouts, with $160,000 left on the side. Here's a look at how much each player got:

  • Daniel 'Allanon85' Drescher - $1,415,238

  • PlayinWasted - $1,333,499

  • SwissCantMis - $1,101,835

As for the remaining $160k, SwissCantMis was quickly taken out of the equation when his A-7(o) combo was no match for Drescher's A-K(o) hand. This left Drescher with 16,918,683 chips while his heads-up opponent, PlayinWasted, held a moderate lead with 25,741,317 chips.

The matchup was pretty even since both players managed to grab the chip lead at different points. After an hour of play, PlayinWasted limped in with As-Ks and Drescher raised him with K-Q(o). PlayinWasted then went all-in, which prompted his countryman to call. The flop came out Ts-4s-2c-Jh-Js, which gave PlayinWasted a flush and the win. Below you can see how all of the 2013 WCOOP Main Event final table players fared:

1. PlayinWasted - $1,493,499 (three-way deal plus $160k)
2. Daniel 'Allanon85' Drescher - $1,415,238
3. SwissCantMis - $1,101,835
4. Giuseppe '1M.BanKroLL' Polichetti - $599,906
5. alexandrapau - $426,600
6. Shane 'shaniac' Schleger - $291,154
7. Dylan 'Pokerl)eviL' Hortin - $213,300
8. Leon 'flippetyflop' Louis - $159,975
9. Stefan Tobias 'Vampyboy' Kolossow - $106,650