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Oct 14, 2013

PokerStars holding "Carnival of Tournaments" to celebrate 800 Million Tourneys

By RTR Dennis

Poker Stars carnival of tournaments Rake The Rake

PokerStars carnival of tournaments RakeTheRake

If you've been to many carnivals in your day, you know that these places are hellbent on taking your money through a combo of fatty-food vendors, rigged games and watered-down amusement park rides. That said, PokerStars may change your perception of these events through their 'Carnival of Tournaments.'

Rather than trying to con people out of money through cheap entertainment, the Carnival of Tournaments will instead feature $2 million in guaranteed tourneys along with $700,000 in free giveaways. This online tournament festival, which is being held to commemorate PokerStars' march to 800 million tourneys, will kick off on October 13th and run until the 20th.

Assuming you're interested in playing huge tournaments and earning a piece of $700k in free giveaways, here's a look at what you can expect from this week-long poker carnival:
Golden Sit and Go's from Oct. 13th-19th - These SNG's truly are full of gold since Stars is handing out $500,000 in extra money to random tables. Golden SNG's are randomly selected every three minutes throughout the promo, and the only requirement is that the lucky players be in a real money SNG. Selected tables are awarded one of the following prizes:

Big - Win 2x your SNG buy-in and the prize pool is doubled.

Bigger - Win 3x your SNG buy-in and the prize pool is tripled.

Biggest - Win 5x your SNG buy-in and the prize pool is multiplied by five.

Example: Your $15 Turbo SNG table is selected for the 'Biggest' prize, and everybody collects $75 while the prize pool is increased from $125 to $625.

Big, Bigger, Biggest Tournaments from Oct. 14th-20th - Make sure to look for the "Daily Big" tournaments in the PokerStars lobby because these events offer boosted prize pools from the 14th-20th. Stars is also awarding $100,000 in bubble prizes (free tournament tickets) to those who just miss the money. Here's a closer look at what to expect:

Big (Oct. 14th-18th) - Guaranteed prize pools are increased by 50% and bubble prizes are awarded.

Bigger (Oct. 19th) - Prize pools are doubled in the 'Daily Bigger' tourneys and bubble prizes are given out.

Biggest (Oct. 20th) - The 'Daily Biggest' tournaments will have tripled prize pools and bubble prizes available.

What are Bubble Prizes? - Each Daily Big event offers a set number of bubble prizes for those who fall just short of the money. For example, the 'Big $33' will offer 18 bubble prizes from Oct. 14th-19th, and another 36 bubble payouts on Oct. 20th - all adding up to a grand total of $4,752.

Tournament Number 800 Million - Tournament No. 800 Million will feature a $1 million prize pool with $109 buy-ins. Throughout the first two hours of the tourney, PokerStars will randomly select tables and give out $100,000 worth of prizes. These prizes include everything from $215 Sunday Million tickets to PokerStars Citizen Watches.