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Oct 05, 2013

WPN makes Major Software Changes, adds "On Demand" Tourneys

By RTR Dennis

WPN partners

wpn_logo_new_sizeThe Winning Poker Network (WPN), which features Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker, has always strived to remain an industry leader with their innovative promotions. Now they've got the software to match their unique promos after launching a major upgrade which includes some very interesting features. The new features include "On Demand" tournaments, preferred seating, straddles and faster antes. Let's take a look at these software changes in depth and discuss how they can improve your online poker experience. On Demand Tournaments
On Demand tournaments start as soon as a pre-set number of players join an event - much like a sit and go. But players can also register late, and when this happens, the tourney turns into a multi-table event. On Demand tournaments also feature rebuys, which, when combined with late registration, really boosts the prize pools. Seeing as how there is no set start time, these tourneys enable players to compete for major money at any time of the day!

Preferred Seating
Have a specific type of tournament or cash game you like to play? WPN's preferred seating is the perfect way to get into your favorite ring games and tourneys with no time wasted. To set up preferred seating, just click the table options menu in the right-hand corner of your table, then select the desired options. You'll be able to choose based on buy-ins, rebuys/add-ons, and heads-up, 6-handed, 8-handed or 9-handed tables. Once your preferences are set, you'll start out at the desired table every time you play.

Other Helpful Features
Some of the other WPN software updates are more general, but they're definitely worth covering. First off, players can count on faster tournaments because antes will now be collected simultaneously, rather than taken sequentially from each individual.
"Straddles," or optional bets that ring game players can make before seeing their cards, have also been added at WPN rooms. Any time a player makes one of these bets, a visual notification will appear on their screen name.

One more feature worth discussing is how the lobby now highlights cash games and/or tables where a player is seated or registered. This is a great service to multi-tablers who are trying to keep track of what tourneys/tables they're playing.

As you can see, WPN has definitely stepped up its game with these new software changes. On Demand tournaments are especially intriguing because these modified late registration events aren't widely available across the online poker industry.

WPN partners