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Nov 13, 2013

RakeTheRake Players Win Over $7 Million at WSOP 2013!

By RTR Dennis

Nov13 wsop

On Tuesday November 5th, The WSOP 2013 came to an end and was won by Ryan Reiss – self-proclaimed best poker player in the world. The 23-year-old US poker pro defeated Jay Farber and emerged victorious from what is arguably the world’s most prestigious live poker tournament with a whopping $8,361,570 in the bag.

First place and nearly 8.5 million dollars is certainly staggering stuff, but here at RakeTheRake we’re very pleased and proud to say that 3 of our very own players made it to the final handful of WSOP players, and between them walked away with an astonishing $7,465,006! The payouts were as follows:

• Amir Lehavot (Israel) $3,727,823
• Sylvain Loosli (France) $2,792,533
• David Benefield (United States) $944,650

Amir Lehavoot, Sylvain Loosli, and David Benefield all finished in the final ten of this years’ WSOP, and all three players are RakeTheRake members. Now we’re not saying that all RakeTheRake players are destined for WSOP success; but smart players get rakeback, and as the saying goes: the smart will inherit the bracelets...

So being an RTR member doesn’t guarantee you WSOP success, but it just so happens that we’re giving away seats and packages to the WSOP 2014 to RakeTheRake players who can rake $1,999 or more between now and 30th April 2014! Check out our rake your way to Vegas and the WSOP 2014 page here for all the info – there are several different packages and rooms to choose from, and you only need to rake the equivalent of $334 a month to get a seat! The top package includes a Main Event seat, hotel accommodation, and $1,500 spending cash!