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Dec 19, 2013

FTOPS XXIV pays out over $9m

By RTR Dennis

9 million dollars

9 million dollars

Full Tilt Poker's FTOPS XXIV recently came to a conclusion, and once again, this tournament series paid out lots of money!

The FTOPS XXIV Main Event was especially notable because there was over $1.6 million in the prize pool. 2,755 players paid the $635 buy-in to compete for this massive prize pool. When play became three-handed, the remaining players made a deal, with 'Illini213' taking the largest amount at $261,339. However, it was 'poksu pete' who won the tournament, earning a $207,016 payout for his efforts.

'quinor' was another big winner in FTOPS XXIV since he/she won the $1 million Gtd Two-Day event. This victory earned quinor a $262,500 payout, which is actually more than the $261k that Illini213 collected in the Main Event.

Besides the $9 million-plus in guaranteed tournaments that took place during this series, another aspect worth discussing is the FTOPS XXIV leaderboard. At stake in the leaderboard race was the first-ever Black Card Pro sponsorship deal. And 'Betong' was crowned the first Black Card Pro after racking up 1,049 points on the leaderboard. This means that Betong will represent Full Tilt Poker for at least six months and get a host of perks that sponsored pros usually receive.

Unfortunately, FTOPS XXIV has come to a conclusion. But the good thing is that you don't have to wait long for another big tournament series at Full Tilt. That's because they'll be running Mini FTOPS XXIV from January 5th-19th, 2014. Mini FTOPS buy-ins cost just one-tenth of what the regular FTOPS entry fees do, and the $750k Main Event buy-in is a reasonable $70 + $5.

Overall, there will be $3 million guaranteed in this series and 39 total tournaments, so Mini FTOPS XXIV is definitely one event that you don't want to miss!