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Jan 21, 2014

Full Tilt Giving Out More Black Card Sponsorship Deals

By RTR Dennis

Full Tilt Poker Black Card Rake The Rake rakeback

Full Tilt Poker Black Card RakeTheRake rakeback

Full Tilt Poker's first Black Card promotion has ended and 12 players ended up with lucrative sponsorship deals. Over the past six months, grinders competed in a variety of leaderboard contests, ranging from MTT and SNG boards to the FTOPS and miniFTOPS leaderboard competitions. Those who finished with the most points on each board received a sponsorship deal that includes the following perks:

  • Red Pro status for six months

  • 100% rakeback

  • Choice of $20k in FTOPS and miniFTOPS tickets, or a $20k clearable bonus

As you can see from these benefits, it's definitely nice being a Black Card pro. And what's great is that Full Tilt are giving players yet another chance to win a dream sponsorship deal. From now until April, players can compete for more Black Card spots on the following leaderboards:

NL/PL Hold'em Ring Games HIGH (no Rush Poker or HU) - Above $1/$2 stakes
NL/PL Hold'em Ring Games LOW (no Rush or HU) - $1/$2 stakes and lower
PL Omaha Ring Games HIGH (no Rush or HU) - Above $1/$2 stakes
PL Omaha Ring Games LOW (no Rush or HU) - $1/$2 stakes and lower
Other Ring Games (no NLHE or PLO) - All stakes
Heads-up Ring Games (All games count) - All stakes
Rush Poker Ring Games (All Rush games) - Above $0.50/$1 stakes
Rush Poker Ring Games (All Rush games) - $0.50/$1 stakes and lower
Heads-up SNG's (All HU SNG's) - All stakes
SNG's (All SNG's except HU) - All stakes
MTT's (All MTT's) - All stakes

Once again, these leaderboards will last until the end of April. But even if you decide not to compete in the current Black Card promo, there'll be plenty of other opportunities. That's because Full Tilt have announced that they'll be offering Black Cards every four months. So that's three different chances that you have to win a sponsorship deal every year.