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Mar 06, 2014

Unibet's Brand New Poker Room: Simple, Fun, Recreational-Friendly

By RTR Dennis

Unibet poker rakeback

Unibet poker rakebackAs many online poker players are aware, the industry is catering more to recreational players these days. So most sites are undergoing modest changes, such as separating player pools to protect fish or rolling out new lobby designs. But as for Unibet Poker...well, they've gone to the extreme with their changes.

Unibet have created an entirely new and independent poker room. This new site is in beta testing, while the old Unibet Poker, which is on the Microgaming network, is set to close soon. As for the newly launched poker room, players will be able to enjoy a very recreational-friendly site with lots of customizable options. The name of the game here is fun, which definitely makes the improved Unibet Poker worth looking at closer.

Fun for the Fish
One huge complaint about the modern poker world is bumhunting and a heavy emphasis on table selection. Like other online poker rooms, Unibet realize that bumhunting kills recreational players' enthusiasm. So they've taken drastic steps to cure this problem at their new site by banning HUDs, eliminating table selection, and not saving hand histories. The latter is sure to anger strategy purists because hand histories have been used by players for years in post-session analysis. But if the aim is to keep fish around, this controversial move, along with no HUDs or table selection, should definitely do the trick.

Simple Lobby
With more games, stakes and tournaments offered than ever before, online poker room lobbies have become a mess of buttons, filters and options. Unibet want to move away from this trend by cutting out all the frills in their lobby. So don't expect to see filters, the quick seat option, or "favorites/preferences" offered at this new site. Instead, players merely pick from cash games, sit and go's and tournaments, then they choose from Hold'em, Omaha and fast fold. Cash game tables are all 6-max, euros are the only currency, and heads-up is eliminated. Once a player has selected their desired options and stakes, they are automatically placed at an empty table with no ability to choose their seat or table.

Customizable Features
Perhaps Unibet have been listening to Daniel Negreanu's rants about how poker needs to be fun again because that's the obvious aim of their overhaul. This can be seen right away when choosing table backgrounds, which include everything from a luxurious poker room overlooking a swimming pool to a table by a hockey rink. The fun doesn't stop here because you get to pick fun, cartoonish avatars, including a vampire, police officer, ship captain, main with a pink afro and lots more. You can change your "Identity" and screen name at any time.

Achievements and Notifications
The primary goal when playing poker is to win money. But it's also entertaining to work towards achievements. And Unibet's new site sees players complete missions to unlock achievements that'll be displayed in their account. In addition to this, players can also count on getting notifications from Unibet so they stay up on the latest promotions and bonus offers. This is all fairly standard in the online poker world today. But when combined with Unibet's simplified lobby and cartoon graphics, the notifications feel more engaging.

As you can see, there are definitely some interesting changes going on at Unibet Poker. So if you're tired of dealing with bumhunting and sites geared towards professionals, try the new Unibet.