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Apr 28, 2014

Take your Pennies and play for a 2014 WSOP Main Event Package at 888poker

By RTR Dennis

888 poker wsop 2014 Rake The Rake

888 poker wsop 2014 RakeTheRakeAs just about everybody who plays poker has heard by now, the 2014 WSOP Main Event will guarantee a $10 million first-place prize. So here's our question: how would you like to take a few pennies and give yourself a shot at this giant prize!?

If you're as enthusiastic about this deal as we are, then take your pennies to 888poker. They're currently running Main Event satellites and you can play for as little as $0.01. Available prizes include $14,000 Main Event packages and $4,500 Las Vegas packages. Before we continue discussing the satellites, here's a look at what each package entails:

$4,500 Las Vegas Package

- 6-night stay at the Palazzo Hotel (Las Vegas)
- $1,500 buy-in for Event #60 NLHE
- $1,500 for travel expenses
- July 4th event
- 888live poker kit

$14,000 Main Event Prize Package

- 6-night stay at the Palazzo Hotel
- $10k ME buy-in
- $2k for travel expenses and spending money
- Exclusive welcome party and July 4th event
- 888live poker kit

No matter which prize package you want to play for, just visit 888poker's software and look under the "Tournaments" tab, then "Live Events" tab. Assuming you're wondering more about how the satellite structure works, here's a look using the Main Event packages.

$14k ME Satellite Structure
Main Event Step 1: $0.01 buy-in, SNG or MTT
Main Event Step 2: $0.10 buy-in, MTT
Main Event Step 3: $1 buy-in, MTT
Main Event Step 4: $5 buy-in, MTT
Main Event Step 5: $30 buy-in, MTT
Main Event Step 6: $160 buy-in, MTT
Main Event Qualifier: $1,050 buy-in, top prize is a $14k WSOP ME prize package.

Keep in mind that all of the satellites and qualifiers run from now until June 8th, 2014. So if you're looking to scoop a prize package to poker's biggest annual event, you'll certainly want to get to 888poker as quickly as possible!