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Apr 26, 2014

Weekly Flop: Coren's Win Great for Poker, Poker Sexism Debate intensifies, Jedlicka Returns

By RTR Dennis

Niki Jedlicka Flop Turn River Rake The Rake

[caption id="attachment_21501" align="alignnone" width="640"]Photo from cardplayer.com Photo from cardplayer.com[/caption]

Vicky Coren Mitchell is the first two-time EPT champion in history, and everybody involved with the game should be excited...Coren Mitchell's win has interesting timing, given that a recent CardPlayer piece is re-igniting the firestorm over poker sexism...Once thought to be one of those has-been high stakes players, Niki Jedlicka is showing that the game hasn't passed him by. Check out some of poker's hottest stories in the Weekly Flop.

Vicky Coren Mitchell makes History and Headlines with Second EPT Victory

Victoria Coren admiring her new silverwareFrom writing for internationally known newspapers to directing a porno, Vicky Coren Mitchell leads a very interesting life. So it should be little surprise that her victory at EPT Sanremo has captured so many headlines - both poker and mainstream. The Brit topped a 556-player field to win €476,100 ($660,947) and become the first two-time EPT champion in history.

Coren Mitchell already has a fair amount of mainstream fame in the UK, thanks to hosting the BBC quiz show Only Connect and writing for The Observer and The Guardian. So the fact that she's made poker history is sure to catch the eyes' of casual observers.

We'll stop short of saying that the 41-year-old's victory will start a mini-poker boom in the UK, but don't be surprised to see a few more Brits on the tables.

Poker's Leading Ladies Discuss Sexism in the Sport

Linda Johnson CardPlayerLifestyle RakeTheRakeCardPlayer Lifestyles's Robbie Strazynski put together an interesting piece that discusses the sexist barriers that keep women from playing poker. And the lengthy article draws from some of the game's leading ladies, including Danielle Moon-Andersen, Kara Scott, Katie Stone, Lauren Billings, Linda Johnson, Lori Kolstad and Vanessa Selbst.

The main point of Strazynski's piece is to find a solution for increasing the small number of ladies in tourney fields. And some of the suggestions that he got from the female panel include the following: discounted rake for women, gender-specific tournament leaderboards, ladies nights, poker classes for women by women, and capped-betting cash games to take aggression out of poker. Also, Selbst indicated that she'd like to see phrases like "bubble boy," "ante up gentlemen," and "may the best man win" not used by tournament directors and the media.

Naturally, these suggestions have been controversial. A lengthy TwoPlusTwo thread has spawned, where certain posters question how offering deals like discounted rake for women and gender-specific leaderboards is fair. The following comment by 'PeteBlow' reflects some posters' opinions, "Huh? I thought they wanted to be treated as equals. Not have special attention....Bless 'em. They can't have it both ways."

Niki Jedlica returns with a Bang after earning $1.6m

[caption id="attachment_21508" align="alignleft" width="234"]Photo from flopturnriver.com Photo from flopturnriver.com[/caption]

Like a lot of high stakes players who got in around the boom years, Niki Jedlicka experienced a sharp rise and fall. In 2007, he famously made $4 million in a five-month span under the name 'KaiBuxxe.' Unfortunately, the Austrian followed this up by losing $5.1 million over the next three and a half years while playing on both Full Tilt and PokerStars.

Although he never completely quit playing, Jedlicka had clearly slowed down on his volume and wasn't the same force that he previously was in high stakes. But things have changed lately, with Jedlicka once again emerging in the poker world.

In March, he finished second in the EPT Vienna High Roller and earned $177,616. And earlier this month, Jedlicka dominated online high stakes cash games to the tune of $1.6 million. Couple this with the $850k that he's made at Stars over the past year, and you can definitely see that Jedlicka is back.