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May 26, 2014

PokerStars Milestone Promo Returns! $700k To Win Over 300m Hands!

By RTR Dennis

The most popular promotion in PokerStars history is back - the Milestone! This time around, PokerStars will pay out $600,000 over the next 299 million hands. The promo will reach its peak at hand number 300 million, where lucky players who are playing at the same time and stakes as the winner will share in $100,000.

How does the Milestone Promo work?

Participating in the Milestone is easy: you just need to be playing in real money cash games from now until all 300 million hands have been dealt. Note that Zoom Poker, SNGs and tournaments don't count towards the promo. Every time a Milestone (millionth) Hand is dealt, everybody sitting at the table where the hand took place will share in the prize money.

The amount of money that each player collects depends upon the number of VIP Player Points (VPPs) that one has earned in the 49 hands prior to a Milestone Hand, plus the amount of VPPs earned in the Milestone Hand itself. Here's a look at the exact formula:

Hand winner: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $60) + $100 = Cash prize

Other players at table: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $30) + $50 = Cash prize

To illustrate an example of this, let's say that you earn 10 VPPs in the 49 hands before a Milestone Hand, and 2 VPPs in the Milestone itself. You would then collect $820 (12 x 60 + 100) if you won the hand and $410 (12 x 30 + 50) if you lost the hand.

Formula for Milestone Hand 300

Those who are sitting at the table where the 300 millionth Milestone Hand is dealt will collect money based on this formula:

Hand winner: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $1k) + $4k = Cash prize

Other players at table: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $500) + $2k = Cash prize

Stake Share: How a Minimum of $100k will be shared after Milestone Hand 300

When all 300 Milestone Hands have been calculated, whatever's left of the original $700k prize pool will be shared among all players dealt into the same stakes, betting structure and game type as the Milestone Hand 300 winner.

For instance, if the hand winner was playing $0.25/$0.50 No-Limit Hold'em, and you were in this exact game at the same time - just a different table - you'd share in a minimum of $100,000. The amount of this prize pool that you would receive depends on how many VPPs you earned in the prior 49 hands.

If you love playing online poker cash games anyways, you might as well hit the tables at PokerStars due to all of the free money that they'll be giving out. And who knows - you could even be the lucky winner of Milestone Hand 300!