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Jun 04, 2014

2014 WSOP should be a 'Big One' for Sam Trickett

By RTR Dennis

Sam Trickett Poker rakeback Rake The Rake

Sam Trickett Poker rakeback RakeTheRakePredicting WSOP success is always a tricky matter. Due to the larger field sizes these days and high variance, even the best pros can have down summers in Las Vegas. And we have enough failed WSOP prop bets by studs like Jason Mercier and Tom Dwan to prove this point. But even with this being said, we envision lots of success for Sam Trickett at the 2014 WSOP.

Trickett, who famously finished second in the 2012 WSOP Big One for One Drop ($10.1m), is coming into Vegas with a renewed passion for tournament poker. He signed a new sponsorship deal with Everest Poker not long ago and will be looking to represent his brand with pride. Aside from his commitment to Everest, here are three more reasons why we think that Trickett will have a very good WSOP.

1. He's mainly focused on tournaments now

Aside from high roller tournaments like the Big One for One Drop, Trickett's main focus in recent years has been live cash games. Since 2010, when the Brit finished second in a $5k Hold'em event, he's sparsely played in the WSOP - instead opting to play in big cash games in London and Macau. In recent interviews, though, he's indicated a desire to take a break from cash play, citing that it's hard to get action from anybody. As Everest Poker reported on their website, Trickett will be playing 20-30 bracelets events, which is definitely enough for a skilled pro like him to make an impact.

2. Trickett has a Large Number of Everest Players relying on Him

In the spring, Everest ran an interesting promotion that gave players the opportunity to share in 10% of Trickett's WSOP winnings. That said, a large number of players who jumped at this opportunity will be rooting for their horse at the 2014 WSOP. And Trickett definitely draws motivation from this as he said, "It'll make the Vegas grind a lot easier to know I have a lot of players following my progress this year."

3. He made a promise to his Mum

Okay, we know that this point is getting a little sentimental and sappy. But then again, who wants to let their mother down!? Certainly not Sam as he said, "I've promised my mum a bracelet and will be doing my very best to score big for everyone who’ll own a share in me." So will he make good on this promise to his mother and take home a gold bracelet? He hasn't won a bracelet in his career yet, but he's taken second twice, including the aforementioned One Drop runner-up finish. That said, many players will be eagerly watching as Trickett plays in the 2014 Big One for One Drop along with a number of other WSOP events.