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Jun 12, 2014

Join 888's Football Carnival - $400k worth of Freerolls Available

By RTR Dennis

888poker football carnival Rake The Rake rakeback

888poker football carnival RakeTheRake rakebackAre you excited for this summer's World Cup!? Are you excited enough to give out $400,000 in free cash to poker players? Apparently, 888 are because that's exactly how much money is up for grabs in their "Football Carnival" promotion.

Just weeks after signing Uruguay striker Luis Suarez to a deal, 888poker have announced that they'll be running huge freerolls every day from now until July 13th, when the 2014 World Cup Final plays out. And if you're interested in getting into some of these freerolls, keep reading to learn more about the Football Carnival.

Warm Up Stage

888 are currently running a "Warm Up" stage of their promotion from now until June 11th. During this period, anybody who makes at least one deposit will be eligible to participate in free 3-times daily $2,000 Warm Up Freerolls. They can also enter 3-times daily $500 Free Teams Tournaments. Here's more on these tourneys:

$2k Warm Up Freerolls - 3 times daily at 10:08, 15:08 and 20:08 GMT until June 11th. Registration is open to every real money player 4 hours before each tournament starts. Top 50% of the field in each freeroll receive a $10,000 Football Carnival ticket (maximum of three tickets).

$500 Teams Tournaments - Run three times daily at 08:08, 13:08 and 18:08 GMT until June 11th.

Sport Free Bet - If you make a $30 sports bet before June 11th ends, you'll be eligible for a free $10 sports wager.

Game Time Stage

Once your poker skills have been warmed up, it's Game Time! 888 are running 26 daily $10,000 Football Carnival Freerolls from June 12th to July 7th at 18:08 GMT. New players automatically receive one free $10k freeroll ticket just for downloading 888poker and signing up. You can continue picking up $10k freeroll seats by placing sports bets at 888.

The top 500 finishers in every $10k freeroll will win a ticket to one of two $15,000 Semi-Final Freerolls, which take place on July 8th and 10th at 18:08 GMT. The top 4,000 players from each Semi-Final will get to compete in the $20,000 Final Freeroll.

Cash Bonus

Aside from the freerolls, all players who make a deposit from now until July 13th will receive a 10% deposit bonus. While depositing, you'll select one of the 32 World Cup teams as your favorite to win the tournament. If your team wins a Semi-Final match, your bonus will be increased by another 30%. Assuming they win the Final, another 60% is added to your deposit bonus - making for a potential total of a 100% bonus.

With $400k in poker freerolls and cash bonuses available, we highly suggest that you join in 888's Football Carnival.