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Jul 03, 2014

RakeTheRake's World Cup Halftime Freerolls at Betfair - Passwords!

By RTR Dennis

Betfair world cup freerolls blog banner

If you hadn't noticed, we're running freerolls at Betfair every time there's a World Cup match being played! If you'd like more info then please check out the Betfair Poker Exclusive €50 World Cup All-In Freerolls promo page on our site.

The dates, times, and passwords for all remaining freerolls are listed below.

Friday 4th
9.55pm UK time
Password: colom

Saturday 5th
9.55pm UK time
Password: dutch

Tuesday 8th
9.55pm UK time
Password: braza

Wednesday 9th
9.55pm UK time
Password: usaus

Saturday 12th
9.55pm UK time
Password: loser

Sunday 13th
8.55pm UK time
Password: final