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Sep 06, 2014

Gus Hansen vs. Viktor Blom in Full Tilt "Best-Of-Three" Promo

By RTR Dennis

Gus Hansen Viktor Blom Full Tilt Best Of Three

Gus Hansen Viktor Blom Full Tilt Best-Of-Three

Gus Hansen and Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom are two of the world's most-famous poker pros. And now the well-known grinders are set to do battle against each other in the "Best-of-Three" contest, with the winner collecting $50,000. Adding to the excitement, Full Tilt Poker will pay out another $50,000 to qualifying players. Keep reading to find out more on the Hansen/Blom showdown and how you can collect a piece of $50k.

Hansen vs. Blom - With Players' Input

On Sunday, September 14th at 14:15 ET, Hansen and Isildur1 will face off in Stud 8 (Gus' choice), NL 2-7 Triple Draw (Blom's choice) and a third game to be chosen by players. If you'd like to vote on the third game, visit Full Tilt's blog and give your input.

Whoever wins this best-of-three series will collect the $50k prize. And the loser will deal with the humiliation of singing the winner's national anthem (via video), or playing 1,000 hands of $0.05/$0.10 Razz.

Blom spoke to Full Tilt about the contest and heavy ramifications for losing it. "I skipped Vegas and EPT Barcelona this summer, so it feels good to have something big coming up," Blom said. "This Heads Up Showdown against Gus is going to be really cool, especially as there’s more than money on the line."

How you can play for $50,000

To get started with the Best-of-Three promo, choose a side (Hansen or Blom). Then you must deposit at least $20 and earn 50 Full Tilt Points. Those who qualify will receive a ticket for the $10K Gus Supporters Freeroll or the $10K Viktor Supporters Freeroll; both tourneys start at 14:15 ET on Saturday, September 13th.

Players who choose the winning side will also receive a ticket for the $30K Heads Up Showdown Flip Freeroll, at 14:15 ET on Monday, September 15th. One more bonus is that players who log in and watch the best-of-three matchup on September 14th will be entered into a drawing to win a $635 FTOPS Main Event ticket.

With light requirements on entering the $10k freerolls and a chance at a $30k freeroll, it's definitely worth watching Hansen and Blom face off against each other!