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Sep 10, 2014

Poker Pro YaAaRnY Makes Massive $300k PLO Prop Bet

By RTR Dennis

Bren Lenton Rake The Rake

Bren Lenton RakeTheRake

Poker players may no longer make $100k wagers over breast implants or $2 million weight-loss bets any longer. But that's certainly not to say prop betting is dead these days. Case in point: PLO grinder Bren 'YaAaRnY' Lenton has put up $100k against $200k from a variety of bettors over his ability to win 100 buy-ins in 31 days. Here's a closer look at the prop bet details that YaAaRnY posted on TwoPlusTwo:

  • 100 buy-ins (10,000bb) in profit before rakeback

  • Stakes are $5/$10 or higher

  • Bet starts anywhere from Sept. 5-7

  • Tables allowed are regular, Zoom and deep ante

  • Tables not allowed are HU

  • At least 70k hands must be played

  • Odds are 2:1 in Lenton's favor

Anybody who's played PLO cash knows that it's filled with variance. So some very good players are already doubting YaAaRnY's ability to make 10,000bb in just 31 days. Isaac Haxton is one of them as he's put up $84,500 against Lenton.

Prop bet mediator 'Chicago Joey' had a short interview with YaAaRnY and discovered his motivation behind making the prop bet. "There's literally no thought about the bet," Lenton said. "I just thought that I want to do something exciting - nothing exciting ever happens in poker any more. Sort of like, everyone's just such a nit that they didn't want to lose $10 a bb, it's like 'you screwed up my EV, what are you doing?'"

So what does YaAaRnY think of his chances of winning? "I posted in the chat room that I actually think I'm getting the worst of it," he said. Lenton added that his strategy will be to get as many hands in at the lower stakes (5/10) as possible. However, the 70k hand stipulation also might force him to play some higher stakes PLO tables just to reach the minimum.

The bet starts soon, so it'll be interesting to see if YaAaRnY can hit his lofty goal of winning 100 buy-ins in tough PLO cash games.