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Sep 29, 2014

Thor Hansen Talks Partying with Larry Flynt and Learning Poker from Young Players

By RTR Dennis

Thor Hansen Rake The Rake

Thor Hansen RakeTheRakeWell over two years after being diagnosed with terminal cancer that had spread to his lungs, Thor Hansen seems to be doing better than ever. He's still playing in live tournaments and recently took part in the Unibet Open Cannes 2014 tourney. While there, Unibet interviewed the "Godfather of Poker," which led to some very interesting comments from the legend. Everything from planning Larry Flynt's £2 million bachelor party to Hansen's secret of poker longevity was discussed, and you can see the highlights below.

Even at 67, Hansen is a student of the game

As is often stated, poker has gotten far tougher over the past decade. And in this evolved poker world, many old-timers have found that the game's passed them by. But not Hansen, since the 67-year-old continues to excel in cash games. So what's the secret to his staying power?

"Back in the old days when we played No-Limit Hold'em, we always had aces...and we got all the chips in. That changed a lot," Hansen said when asked how poker is different. "I changed with it, the young kids learned me a lot of the new poker. So I'm still around and still doing okay."

Stu Ungar will always be the best

Despite learning from the younger players today, Hansen still believes that a player from the past is the best ever. "There was a very good friend of mine, Stu Ungar...he was the favorite player and the best player I've ever seen," Hansen recalled. "He's the best player that's ever been on this planet, that's for sure." The Norwegian also included Chip Reese and Dolye Brunson among the best that he's played with.

Organizing Larry Flynt's Bachelor Party

Over the years, Hansen has had an opportunity to rub elbows with a lot of famous people. And one of the most-interesting relationships that developed out of this was one with Hustler Magazine founder Larry Flynt. The two met at his home in Beverly Hills, and Flynt began staking the poker pro in private games for $200,000 a day. Hansen and Flynt actually became good friends, which led to some partying - including one legendary bachelor party. Here's a look at how Hansen described it:

I was actually one of the ones that arranged that bachelor party. He gave us 2 million sterlings to party and it became the party that he wanted. When we were done buying all of the girls we had no money for food. So we picked up most of them in his private jet from all over America, from famous porn stars...it was quite a party.

Judging from this story alone, we can only imagine that Thor Hansen has plenty of other great tales in him. And this is just one reason why he remains one of the more fascinating players to ever grace the game.