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Nov 17, 2014

Weekly Flop: Colman Rethinks Hellmuth Statements | Canseco Loses Finger | Macau Not Crazy

By RTR Dennis

Dan Colman

Dan Colman

Dan Colman let the poker world know about his negative opinion regarding the "spineless" Phil Hellmuth. But he recently added a toned-down version of his rant against the Poker Brat...

Why is former baseball star Jose Canseco stealing poker headlines? Because he can't seem to keep his fingers attached...

Still think Macau is full of loose billionaire fish and endless dead money? Dutch poker pro Jorn Walthaus recently explained the reality of Macau's high stakes scene, which you can read about in the Weekly Flop.

Dan Colman explains why he blasted Phil Hellmuth

Not long ago, Dan Colman posted in a TwoPlusTwo thread about a recent interview that Phil Hellmuth did. Colman certainly didn't mince words when giving his opinion of the 13-time WSOP champion either. Posting under 'mrgr33n13,' choice words/phrases that came up include "spineless," "charlatan," "cancer to this world" and "he'd doing anything for a payday."

After taking some time to rethink his hate fest, Colman returned to the same 2p2 thread to minimize the blow and add context to his statements. The 2014 Big One champ wrote that he doesn't appreciate Hellmuth's shameless self-promotion, representation of the shady UB Poker, and profiting off his "classless whiny brat" image.

Okay, so maybe this isn't an apology. But at least it clears up some of what Colman initially wrote, which seemed like an attack out of nowhere. Like other players, Colman wants Hellmuth to answer questions about UB's superuser scandal (2005-07) and inability to pay players back post-Black Friday. Will this Q&A session ever happen? Probably not, especially since it's believed that Hellmuth didn't have any direct involvement in how UB was run.

Jose Canseco loses Finger during Poker Tournament

Whether pummeling people in Celebrity Boxing or blowing the cover on the MLB's steroid problem, Jose Canseco has managed to stay newsworthy long after his baseball career. So it should be little surprise that he stole a bit of Martin Jacobson's WSOP title buzz by losing his surgically repaired finger during a poker tournament. The former Oakland A's slugger tweeted:

Ok well I might as well tell you. I was playing in a poker tournament last night and my finger fell off. someone took a video of it.

I could probably hit a softball further with 9 fingers .less weight means more bat speed. Lol

I put my finger in the freezer anyone want finger appetizers.
Canseco lost his finger about two weeks ago when he shot it off while cleaning his gun. Unfortunately, it looks like surgery wasn't a long-term fix for this problem. As for the video Canseco tweets of, it was sold to his manager and is pretty gruesome.

Macau High Stakes Poker not so crazy

Tom Dwan winning a $25 million pot, $20k/$40k cash games, nits like Patrik Antonius being denied....these are just a few stories from the reportedly wild Macau cash games. So do these tales happen on a regular basis?

No, according to Dutch pro Jorn Walthaus, who spent almost a year grinding in Macau's $300/$600 and $1k/$2k games. As he told PokerNews, the tables were much better when he first arrived in the world's biggest casino destination. However, Walthaus says that the games have gone downhill, especially regarding the lack of recreational players. "The smoking ban came, so no more smoking at the tables," he said. "And I think that really hurt the games."

Much like bumhunting in online poker, Walthaus explained that the ratio or pros to recreational players tipped - causing a noticeable downturn in action. Walthaus added that one can "still make a good living" in Macau, but he finds online play more profitable these days.