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Feb 18, 2015

Top 5 Doyle Brunson Controversial Twitter Moments

By RTR Dennis

While many poker pros feed their Twitter followers a steady stream of barely interesting tournament hands and pictures of what they ate for dinner, Doyle Brunson gets right down to the bare bones, tweeting his highly conservative views on politics, religion and sexuality - the three no-no's of workplace banter.

The good thing for Brunson is that he doesn't work a 9-to-5, which gives him the freedom to tweet whatever he wants. Of course, this also means that the Texas Dolly is usually good for stirring up some controversy 4-5 times a year. And here are five of the most-memorable incidents to arise from his unabashed Twitter usage.

1. Bruce Jenner's Gender Change
Based on everything that audiences have seen from nine seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner's decision to become a woman is pretty mild in comparison. However, it certainly ruffled Brunson's feathers since the former Texas track champ used to idolize the gold-medalist Jenner. No more, though, since Doyle tweeted this zinger, "He may still be some peoples hero, but not me." Brunson's view not only gained some poker headlines, but also made front-page news at TMZ.

2. Making Black Friday hurt even Worse
Black Friday was a pretty solemn moment for many poker players since it marked the end of their ability to play on the world's biggest poker sites. And Brunson made the grave mistake of trying to add humor to the situation by tweeting, "Now maybe we will see if these online 'superstars' can play real poker. Ante up suckers!" Needless to say, most players didn't find this funny and they voiced their displeasure at Brunson's ill-timed humor through forums.

3. Annette's Time of the Month
To be fair, Annette Obrestad did go a long ways towards stirring up Brunson in this case when, through a 2010 interview, she said that she'd rather play a "table full of Doyle Brunsons" than online pros. Doyle brought the hammer down by tweeting, "Must be a bad tme [sic] of the month for Annette whats her name. By the way, I'm at Bobby's Room almost every day if she really wants to play." Brunson later apologized for the insensitive comment, citing that he'd simply been "peeved" at the time.

4. Suggesting Obama belongs behind Bars
2010 proved an eventful year for Doyle's Twitter account since he again plunged into controversy with a tweet about U.S. President Barack Obama. He joked, "The Democrats say ‘give Obama time.’ Us Repubicans [sic] agree, 25 to life seems appropriate!" As mentioned in the intro, politics is one of those subjects that can be a powder keg in discussions. And this instance was no different since he got plenty of responses, with the general consensus being that Obama couldn't be expected to turn things around so quickly.

5. Making Everybody Mad
Brunson opened the lid on this controversy with the following lesbian joke, "World's shortest books: 'To all the men we have loved before, 'by Ellen de Generes and Rosie O'Donnell." This gave Doyle some helpers in his mischief as over a dozen tweets came in with other short book titles, which he promptly retweeted. Some of his favorites included 'Beauty tips' by Vanessa Selbst, 'How to Stay Sober' by Gavin Smith, 'Paying Taxes for Dummies' by Michael Mizrachi and 'My success as a poker pro,' by Jaime Gold. Brunson eventually stopped while tweeting that his "sides were hurting from all the laughing," but we can be sure that those whom he poked fun at didn't share in the laughfest.