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Feb 16, 2015

Weekly Flop: Doyle's Diss goes TMZ, Last EPT Deauville, Borgata Free Throws

By RTR Dennis

81-year-old Doyle Brunson isn't exactly the type of guy who normally makes front-page TMZ news since the gossip site has far more important things to report on, like Justin Bieber beating somebody at ping pong or how Jennifer Lawrence's dog is bothering the neighbours. But Brunson made some tweets about Keeping up with the Kardashians star Bruce Jenner and, suddenly, he's got TMZ's attention...EPT Deauville has been a guaranteed stop on the European Poker Tour for years. Unfortunately, due to a couple big reasons, that's no longer the case...The Borgata is bringing a totally new skill-based form of gambling to their casino. Find out what it is in the Weekly Flop.

Doyle De-idolizes Bruce Jenner and it Goes Mainstream

Anybody who follows Doyle Brunson's Twitter feed knows that he's not exactly shy about sharing his old-school views with the world. He's suggested that President Barack Obama deserves prison time, cracked lesbian jokes and made attempts at incest humor. So it should be little surprise that the Texas Dolly doesn't exactly approve of Bruce Jenner's transformation into a woman.

Last month, the former Texas high-school track champion gave his opinion on Jenner by tweeting, "Bruce's transformation to a woman was confirmed today. He may still be some people's hero, but not me."

TMZ might have been a little late to the news but, given that Jenner is a gossip-hallmark due to his association with the Kardashians - who practically have an entire tabloid staff dedicated to their every move - it only makes sense that they eventually picked up on Doyle's tweets. Brunson was already taking heat on his Twitter account regarding his opinion on Jenner. And now that many more have seen the story through TMZ, he's only likely to catch more flack in the near future.

EPT Deauville out on Future EPT Schedule

Deauville has served as a place where many great EPT memories occurred, such as when Jake Cody won the Main Event in 2010 (€847,000) and when Lucien Cohen won the tournament's record prize (€880,000). Unfortunately, it's been revealed that Deauville won't be part of the EPT in Season 12.

Is this because of the 22 jerks who entered the lady's tournament at this year's EPT Deauville? Well, these guys certainly did cause controversy, but they are far from why PokerStars is taking the French city off their schedule next season. Instead, it appears that unreasonable taxes and fewer players over the past two years are the main culprits.
PokerStars did state that the France Poker Series will continue, but for the immediate future, the EPT won't be coming back to Deauville. There's no word yet on what city will be added in its place for Season 12.

Borgata Holding Free-Throw Contest

Like they always say, if you can't have sports betting in your world-famous casino destination, then hold a free-throw shooting contest instead. Okay, so nobody ever said this, but it's essentially what Atlantic City's Borgata is doing to take the place of sports betting during NCAA March Madness.

On March 21st, basketball players - or just chubby people with insane free-throw-shooting skills - can enter the contest for $20. The goal is to do your best Stephon Curry impersonation and nail as many free throws as you can in 90 seconds. Those who finish in the top four of the tournament will share in $10,000.

So far, Atlantic City has missed out on sports betting and allowing PokerStars to operate in New Jersey. But they still haven't stopped trying to innovate amid a heavy decline in the Atlantic City economy. This free-throw tournament, which is the first of its kind for American casinos, is a perfect example. New Jersey has also heavily discussed adding Candy Crush-style slot machines (with skill involved) in the near future too.