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Mar 18, 2015

Did Salomon crush Andy Beal for $40m?

By RTR Dennis

For a celebutante who's mostly famous for the women he's dated, Rick Salomon has some pretty impressive accomplishments in the poker world. And can we now add dominating billionaire Andy Beal to the tune of $40 million to this list of accomplishments?

Yes...at least if we're to believe the war of words between Salomon and his ex-wife, Pam Anderson. The former "Baywatch" star claims that her husband made $40 million in 2014 alone, all courtesy of heads-up poker games against Beal.

The two are currently locked in a heated battle over how their separation will go. Salomon filed for an annulment in Nevada, while Anderson wants a divorce in California so that she gets half of the alleged $40m in poker winnings.

There's more to this TMZ report because Anderson claims that Salomon is saying he lives in Nevada to avoid paying a 13% California state tax on the poker profits. If he can prove residence in the Silver State, he wouldn't have to pay state income tax. Assuming it can't be proven, then Salomon will be forking over $5.2 million (13%) of his poker fortune.

Anderson supports her claims by stating that she bought a $4 million home in Nevada so Salomon could fake residence there. Additionally, she would use his credit card to make purchases in Nevada to further support the facade.

More on Salomon's poker career

As alluded to before, Salomon is well known for dating a long line of celebrity women, including Paris Hilton, Shannon Doherty and Anderson. He's also produced television shows and movies in the past, which further boosts his Hollywood profile.

But unlike guys like Nelly, Ray Romano and Rafa Nadal, Salomon has actually managed to gain some respect from fellow poker players with his skills. Aside from his untold winnings against celebrities, the 47-year-old has tallied nine live tournament cashes and earned $3,087,077. His most-impressive finish was fourth place in the 2014 Big One for One Drop ($2.8m), and he also won a 2006 Bellagio Cup II event ($125,715).

More on Beal's poker career

Having made a fortune in the banking industry and boasting a net worth of $7.6 billion, Andy Beal can afford to play at stakes most of us other players can't even dream of. And he's never been afraid to splash his cash on the felt, which has led to some very famous poker stories.

First off, Beal took on several famous pros from 2001-04 in $100k/$200k Limit Hold'em games. As chronicled in Michael Craig's book, "The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King: Inside the Richest Poker Game of All Time," Beal won the largest poker hand of all time at $11.7 million.

He returned to the Bellagio to play again in 2006, this time against a group of pros known as "The Corporation." After several sessions, Beal went up $13.3 million on The Corporation. However, Phil Ivey stepped in and saved the poker pros by beating Beal out of $16.6 million in $50k/$100k Limit Hold'em. More recently, Beal played against Todd Brunson (one of The Corporation members) and lost $5 million in January 2015.