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Apr 28, 2015

3 Things you missed on Daniel Negreanu's Twitch Broadcasts

By RTR Dennis

It seems that more and more famous poker pros are joining the Twitch craze, with none more famous than Daniel Negreanu. Kid Poker recently began broadcasting on the live-streaming service and, not surprisingly, he's already developed a healthy following. Unfortunately, many poker players haven't had an opportunity to see any of Negreanu's Twitch broadcasts. And if you fall into this category, then let us catch you up to speed on what you're missing.

1. Negreanu can Definitely play High Stakes

Several years ago, Kid Poker had a disastrous run on "High Stakes Poker," losing over $2 million during the TV show's 6-year run. Negreanu has always been one of the best tournament players, but his HSP losses inspired him to work harder in cash games and improve. The results of this improvement were definitely evident on Twitch, as he took on elite online grinders like Ben Sulsky, Niki Jedlicka and Luke Schwartz, and won over $50,000. While short-term winnings aren't the ultimate determinant of success, it's clear from the fact that Negreanu wasn't afraid to play $400/$800 mixed games that he's a very good player. This topic actually sparked the following funny Twitter debate:

Allen Bari - "NOOOOOO.. I was hoping the day wouldn’t come that someone who has played tens of hours of mixed games like @RealKidPoker would TWITCH"
Negreanu - "@allenbari what do you think I was doing for 10 years when you were a pimple faced child? #CrushingSouls '
Bari - "@RealKidPoker I never had pimples, but yes I am sure the games were tough back then.. don’t worry I will continue watching you and promoting."
Doyle Brunson - "@RealKidPoker I guess @allenbari is getting a commision on his tweets. If he don’t and really means them,he should probably stfu.#education."
Bari - "@TexDolly your grammar is shit.. #education"

2. Great Stories

With over 20 years of experience in the game, Kid Poker has excellent poker stories to tell along with some interesting views. And he's already shared hours' worth of stories and views with his Twitch followers. We won't get into the dozens of topics that he's covered, but just for a sample, here are a few interesting ones:
- Negreanu discussed how he didn't play his greatest on HSP, but he also ran bad too, which caused him to tilt a little.
- Politicians who are aligning with and taking money from anti-online gaming zealot Sheldon Adelson are hurting their careers and tarnishing their reputations in the long run.
- Phil Ivey lost his first edge-sorting case to Crockfords (London); but Negreanu thinks that, given America's liberal stance on advantage players, Ivey has a better chance to win his $9.6m case against the Borgata.
- Negreanu is really into his health since his parents passed away before they should have because they didn't take good care of themselves.

3. Negreanu taking a Pee

Not to be weird, but this was weird, Kid Poker actually took his Twitch followers into the bathroom while he relieved himself. Luckily, there was nothing X-rated about this, but it did cause a little stir in the poker community. Liv Boeree, who also recently launched a Twitch channel, was quick to make light of Negreanu's bathroom episode:
Boeree - "I can't promise I'll be peeing while streaming like @RealKidPoker, but hey you never know where the night might take us."

As you can see, Negreanu definitely has some entertaining stuff going on during his Twitch broadcasts. Boeree does as well, so make sure to watch these two PokerStars Pros and the dozens of other famous players who are on Twitch.