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May 12, 2015

3 Online Poker Stars who've made Comebacks in 2015

By RTR Dennis

The online poker world can certainly be a fickle place, especially when you're grinding against elite pros on a weekly basis. That said, it's not uncommon to see a player make a dramatic rise, only to watch their bankroll dissipate as the variance roller coaster heads downward. But not all of these players stay down for long, including the following three high stakes grinders, who've made big comebacks in 2015.

1. Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom

There may be no swingier player in online poker history than Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom. The Swede reached a career peak in late 2009, when he sat at $5.4 million in profits - only to come tumbling down after losing $4 million in a single session to Brian Hastings. The losing continued all the way up until last year, when he dropped over $5 million in 2014 alone. But Blom is on another comeback trail, having made $1.7 million this year. Of course, we've seen these huge profits in rapid succession before from Isildur1; so no sooner than this is written, his HighStakesDB graph could swing wildly one way or the other.

2. Ilari 'Ilari Fin' Sahamies

Back when he played under 'Ziigmund' at Full Tilt Poker, Sahamies was easily one of the poker world's biggest stars, with his profits topping out at $7 million in 2009. However, many drunken sessions in 2010 with no semblance of strategy quickly wiped out most of the Finn's profits. What ensued were years spent in online poker limbo with only a few interviews here and there. But Sahamies is back on the virtual felt in 2015 and playing very well in PLO games. It's hard to say how long this will last when considering Ilari Fin's unpredictability, but so far, he's made around $600,000 in profits.

3. Ben 'Sauce1234' Sulsky

Ben Sulsky has almost $4 million in career online poker profits, which isn't bad for a guy who began his career playing iPoker on a beach in Mexico. His winnings would actually be much higher than this, if he hadn't taken a big tumble at Full Tilt, losing nearly $3 million in the spring of 2013. Last year didn't treat Sulsky much better since he was up and down in most of his sessions. However, 2015 has proven to be his mini resurgence because Sulsky had earned over $300,000 this year and is still on an upswing.
Once again, online poker is a very fickle game, so it'll be interesting to see if these upswings continue throughout the year and beyond.