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Nov 11, 2015

Study reveals Online Casinos with Poker Rooms are Better Overall

By RTR Dennis

Want the best-possible online gaming experience? Then you'd better find an online casino that also features a poker room! According to new research, online casinos that offer poker are safer, they pay faster, offer more languages, feature more currency options and have more banking methods. Given all the advantages of online casino/poker operations, let's further discuss the study and its results.

KeyToCasino, which has conducted various studies on the iGaming industry, carried out the research here. They scouted 798 different online casinos (with and w/o poker sites) while pulling data from deposit options, currencies, languages and payout windows. Furthermore, KeyToCasino reviewed forum posts from 4,126 players to determine their experiences with online casinos. Once KeyToCasino went through all their information, they averaged the data and came to the following conclusions.

Why Online Casinos with Poker Rooms are Better

Positive Experiences vs. Negative Experiences - Casinos w/ poker rooms received 57% positive feedback versus 49% positive feedback from standalone casinos. Additionally, casinos w/ poker only received 36% negative feedback compared to 44% negative feedback with standalone casinos.

Payout Times - Internet casinos w/ poker rooms process deposits within 2.9 days; standalone casinos make payouts within 11.4 days. What's particularly alarming about the latter is that standalone casinos advertise payouts within 2.5 - 4.7 days, on average.

Non-Payouts - Players who use online casinos w/poker rooms are at an 8% risk of never receiving a payout at some point in their life; contrast this to standalone casinos, where the risk rises to 13%.

Max Withdrawals - Some online casinos restrict big winners from withdrawing all their money through monthly limits. But research shows that internet casinos with poker have cashout limits that are 2.5 times higher than standalone casinos. Also, those who play at casinos w/ poker are less likely to deal with stringent cashout restrictions.

Other Findings - Online casinos with poker sites are 9% more likely to have your language, 15% more likely to honor your currency, and 15% more likely to have your preferred banking method.

Thoughts on why Online Casinos with Poker are Superior
The results of KeyToCasino's study definitely show that internet casino/poker operations are, on average, better than standalone casinos. But is there any particular reason for this? Perhaps one reason is that online casinos with poker rooms are larger and more-reputable operations. After all, most of the world's biggest and longest-running internet casinos also offer poker.

In any case, one needs to be cautious with their money no matter where they play online poker and/or casino games. This means taking the time to check out reviews and the site itself before making a deposit. Assuming you do your research, then you'll be closer to playing at a site that will process your cashouts quickly and also have more banking methods.