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Apr 15, 2016

Bill Perkins rowing from England to New York for Bet?

By RTR Dennis

Dan blizarian bill perkins apr161

Just recently, poker players Bill Perkins and Dan Bilzerian made one of the most-legendary prop bets ever, with the latter riding his bicycle from Las Vegas to L.A. for $600k. And it doesn't look like this will just be a one-time thing since the two are already discussing a crazy prop bet for Perkins to complete.

Some ideas that have been floated include Perkins include rowing from England to New York, climbing Mount Everest or walking across America. Apparently Perkins doesn't like the Mount Everest bet because he doesn't "want to lose a nose," and he doesn't want to spend months walking across America.

Of course, you'd have to think that the rowing wager wouldn't be any picnic either. Let's quickly look at what it would take to complete each one of these bets:

  • Rowing from England to New York: It's hard to compare Perkins doing a solo journey across the Atlantic Ocean because many of these attempts are made by four-man crews with no support. A team of Gijs Groeneveld, Robert Hoeve, Jaap Koomen and Maarten Staarink set the record at just under 61 days. Perhaps Perkins would be allowed to have a crew in this type of bet along with support too?

  • Walking (running?) across America: Forrest Gump did it five times, but how would one fare when trying to cross the US in reality? There's no official record for walking across America because it's pretty hard to keep track of if a person truly walked the whole way, rather than ran as well. But Frank Giannino holds the record for fastest run across the US at 46 days and 8 hours. This would seem like a more-reasonable, less-time-consuming bet for Perkins.

  • Climbing Mount Everest: At over 29,000 feet in elevation, climbing Mount Everest is no easy feat. The Nepalese/Tibetan mountain has become the benchmark for those who want to test their climbing skills. However, with unpredictable weather and potential snowstorms, this is the most-dangerous of the three bets. Over 250 people have died trying to climb Everest due to avalanches, falls, ice collapses or lack of oxygen (at the top). Around 800 people per year attempt to climb the mountain, while over 4,000 have successfully made the journey.

For the time being, these are just the ideas that Perkins and Bilzerian have discussed for their next prop bet. However, I have to say that these seem significantly harder than riding a bicycle 300+ miles from Vegas to L.A.

Of course, Bilzerian's journey was no easy feat either. Perkins described the high stakes poker player's condition following the bike ride to the New York Post, saying he looks "like death right now. He’s in bed with chafed buttocks, a fever, hot and cold [flashes], chills, wobbly legs. His immune system is down, and every virus you can have is rising."
Perkins, who rode in the chase van, also described an incident near Barstow, California, where Bilzerian was riding in the dark and almost got hit by a car.