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Dec 27, 2016

Winnipeg Pizza Server Wins €719k EPT - Keeping Pizza Job

By RTR Dennis

665x200 dec16 patrick serda

Patrick Serda just achieved what every amateur poker player dreams of – hitting a big score that will allow him to quit his day job and pursue the game full-time…only, he plans to continue being a pizzeria server.

Serda finished second in the EPT Prague €10k High Roller, which earned him €719,000. Seeing as how this is worth over $1 million in Canada, it seems that Serda has the freedom to pursue anything he wants.

But as the Winnipeg native recently told CBC News, he has no plans to quit his job. Let’s discuss the reason why below, along with how his final EPT Prague opponent was the infamous William Kassouf.

“I’m Super Happy to Go Back.”

Serda has been working at a local pizzeria in Winnipeg for the past few years. And even after battling through the 2016 EPT Prague high roller to collect €719k, he has no problem going back to his waiter position.

"I'm super happy to go back. I love it there — great people and great regulars — and I'd be happy to go back," he told CBC.

The truth is that he doesn’t even seem worried about the C$1 million or what he’s going to do with it next.

"[It was] pretty surreal for the most part. I mean, it hasn't hit a bank account yet, it's just in my online account," said Serda. "I haven't made any plans, but it's pretty nice in the end.”

Serda Doesn’t See Himself as a Poker Pro

Given that Serda will still be working at Pizzeria Gusto and moonlighting as a poker player, it’s little surprise that he doesn’t consider himself a professional. But that doesn’t mean he’s lacking confidence on the felt.

"Obviously there's some confidence,” he said. “I don't think I would be playing any tournaments that I didn't think I could win.”

There’s good reason for Serda’s confidence because he’s performed well in poker tourneys ever since taking the live felt in 2013. Some of his big scores include: winning the 2013 Manitoba Lotteries Poker Open ($39,610), finishing seventh in the 2013 Punta Cana Poker Classic ($20,767), taking second in a 2014 EPT Grand Final side event (€21,900), and finishing 22nd in the 2016 EPT Barcelona €10k High Roller (€22,110).

With a big increase in his bankroll, Serda is now planning stops at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January, and the Aussie Millions later in the month.
This is quite a lifestyle for a guy who, just six years ago, got his start playing in home games.

"I've got a good group of friends that were in a group chat with me, and everyone was recalling stories the other day about different situations where it all started, six, seven, eight years ago, when we were all playing for nickels and dimes,” said Serda.

Facing Off Against William Kassouf

Patrick Serda battled through a field of 317 players (400+ with rebuys) to meet William Kassouf heads up. You may know Kassouf as the player who caused major controversy with his ‘speech play’ in the 2016 WSOP Main Event.

Despite dealing with Kassouf’s constant talking and questioning in an effort to gain hand information, Serda was able to mount a big chip lead. With Kassouf severely short-stacked, the two worked out a chop, whereby Serda got €719,000 and Kassouf earned €532,500.

It’s good for Serda that he made the deal because he would go on to lose his huge lead and finish second. But while he may not have gotten the first-place trophy, he received almost €190k more than Kassouf and has more than enough money to continue his poker career…or side job.