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Oct 07, 2017

Miikka 'ChuckBass' Anttonen Must Turn €500 into €10k or Quit Poker Forever

By RTR Dennis

665x200 oct17 miikka anttonen

Prop bets are a fun way for poker pros to spice up the game. But Finnish grinder Miikka 'ChuckBass' Anttonen is taking things to another level with a prop bet that he must win, or be forced to quit poker forever.

Specifically, Anttonen must turn €500 into €10,000 in online poker over the next four months. Let’s look at the stipulations of the challenge, why he’s doing this, and more on Anttonen’s poker career.

Rules behind Anttonen’s Prop Bet Challenge

Anttonen could have an easier time winning this bet if he only played in big online tournaments. But this prop bet has stipulations that he explained in a lengthy TwoPlusTwo post. Here are the key points:

  • Prop bets paid at 1:1 odds.

  • 120 days to reach €10,000.

  • Anttonen can only play 100 of these days based on his schedule.

  • He must turn €500 into €10,000 through online MTTs.

  • Anttonen must make at least 1,000 buy-ins to eliminate shot-taking.

  • He has to stream 16+ days of the challenge and doesn’t know how to livestream right now.

The Finn continues writing that there are a few other minor clauses that make it impossible for him to take shortcuts. This includes discounting live poker results, and high stakes MTTs not being counted towards the challenge.

Anttonen explains that losing the bet will result in the following two outcomes:

  1. He’ll go bankrupt.

  2. He must quit poker forever and get a 9-5 job.

Plan for Reaching €10k

The online poker sites that he’ll be playing on to meet his goal include the following:

  • Winamax

  • Unibet

  • Microgaming

  • Partypoker

  • Finnish network

  • 888/PokerStars

Anttonen is still trying to sort out exactly how he’ll attack this challenge. Here are some of his thoughts on approaching the matter:

“Should I play 12 tables of 2s or 24 tables of 1s? No idea. When I get to 5s and above I think I should really reduce tables to max 15 or something tho. I think that for starters I'll play less tables than I've used to and see how it goes."

“Seems smart to not burn out etc as well. If I don't progress as fast as I'd like, I'll probably throw in a masstable grind and see how that goes. I don't really have experience playing below 5s so I have no idea about how to approach the super-micros.”

Why is Anttonen Doing this Risky Prop Bet?

Miikka Anttonen is having a down year in poker, and he’s made less than $10,000 in profits. Over the last two months, he’s suffered through numerous losing sessions and made 30 deposits without a withdrawal.

Here’s an excerpt from his post:

“I'm feeling washed up as ****, I haven't studied in forever and when asked what the correct unexploitable 10BB BTN pushing range is I'm pretty sure I'd miss by 5-10%. I haven't really won anything remotely respectable at poker in about 2 years (although I haven't really devoted myself to it either). I'm 30, I can't physically take massive grinds anymore, and honestly don't have a whole lot going for myself poker-wise.”

He’s fully booked at 1:1 for this prop bet and can’t back down at this point. But Anttonen does think he has a decent chance to win, putting his odds at 50/50.
Anttonen also discussed why he created a TwoPlusTwo thread for the contest:
“I guess my main motivation for creating this thread is to use this as what will possibly/likely be my last chance to actually post on these forums assuming I'll lose the bet and won't be allowed to post ever again."

“I always thought I'd do a well-type thing before I step out of the game, but the truth is I never achieved *that* much and don't feel entitled to have my own well I guess. But this seems like a good way to say my goodbyes and answer any questions people may have.”

More on Anttonen’s Poker Career

Miikka Anttonen has been playing poker for 10 years. Lately, he’s been dividing his time 50/50 between online poker and writing about the game. He’s also committed himself to live blogging and streaming for a Finnish poker site.

He’s made over $2.2 million in his poker career. $652,881 has come through PokerStars, while he’s earned another $278,684 through Winamax.

Anttonen’s largest-ever cash is $41,832, showing that he’s made most of his money through grinding and smaller cashes.

The Helsinki native has collected another $285,153 through live poker tournaments. This includes $100,030 for winning the 2011 Helsinki Freezeout €3,000 Main Event. Of course, Anttonen’s live career is less relevant here because all of his play will be online.

How to Follow the Challenge

The best way to see how Miikka Anttonen is doing in his challenge is to check the TwoPlusTwo thread from time to time.

“I'll update this every 1-2 weeks or something, I'll be happy to answer any questions, and I'll be even happier to reminisce the old times once more before my career is (possibly) over,” he writes."

We can be sure that Anttonen will be dedicating himself to this challenge over the next four months. After all, he’s out of poker if he loses.

“I'll be giving this challenge my best shot though. I've been a pretty prominent 2p2 poster for close to a decade now, and I feel incredibly privileged to have gotten to know/meet so many of you. I've met some people who I truly hope will end up as lifelong friends regardless of how this bet goes, and I have some pretty sick memories from the past decade that I'll never forget.”