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Poker news | Jul 01, 2021

What is Poker Rakeback?

By RTR Dennis

What Is Rakeback

What is Poker Rakeback?

Poker rakeback is when you, the player, get a percentage of the poker rake that you have paid given back to you as cashback. Note this is nothing to do with your winnings of losses. It’s purely dependent on the rake you have contributed to the table. Sometimes you can get that rakeback directly from the room and sometimes it can some from an affiliate like us who refer players to the poker room. The room pays us a commission for bringing in new players and we pass the lion’s share of that on to you. the player. Players can get up to 80% of their rake money returned to them through a Rakeback affiliate like RakeTheRake.

How is Rakeback calculated?

Rakeback is different depending on which online poker room you play at and which poker games you take part in when you are there. Some people earn a great deal of rakeback by playing several games at one time. They do this as they know that whether they win or lose the game they can claim their rakeback and this will minimise their losses or indeed maximise their winnings

We have developed an improved Rakeback Calculator so you can work out exactly how much rakeback you will earn at each of the poker rooms, you can thank us later.

Why is Rakeback important?

If you are an online poker player then poker rakeback is free money and there is literally no reason not to claim yours back. Rakeback is the robin hood of gambling, take from the wealthy poker rooms and return it to you. Rakeback can be the difference between breaking even or coming out ahead, a good day gambling or a bad day gambling and did I mention Rakeback is completely free? no one should refuse free money. Naturally when you play online poker you want to be winning. But what about those days when you don’t win? Rather you break even or even lose a little? Well when you break even, the rakeback you have earned means you’ve actually had a profitable day and when you lose, the rakeback can offset some or all of that loss and possibly mean you break even or lose less than you thought! So you should be able to see straight away that it’s a no brainer to make sure you are always playing with an online poker rakeback deal!

How to earn the most Rakeback

Some online poker sites offer a VIP rakeback deal and some offer loyalty schemes meaning you can earn even more online poker rakeback. we trawl the internet looking for these deals and passing them on to you, I know, how generous. There are a few ways to earn more rakeback, the first being bookmarking RakeTheRake.com and checking for new offers before you play any online poker. There are new offers all the time and you don't want to miss out, some online poker sites offering up to 130% rakeback! The second way is for a poker player to sign up at a few different sites to collect the bonus they offer. spread your money, it just makes sense. Now here is where it gets interesting. Whether you play SnG's (Sit n Gos) or cash games the amount of rakeback you can earn each week or month can depend on what sort of system you have set up and how many games you can cope with playing at once. A lot of players have a dual screen set up, i.e. they have two computer monitors side by side in order to play more than one table simultaneously. In fact, depending on which poker site they are playing at, they could have up to 24 games running at once. We might call those sort of players rakeback Pros! If you’re going to try, perhaps start with two tables at once and then expand as you get used to it.

Why doesn't every poker site have Rakeback?

The simple answer is they don't want to give you money back, that's why you come to us. Some sites offer poker rakeback as a retention technique, to keep you gambling at their site. Every poker room wants you to stay around so they might offer you cashback, a bonus, a gadget or even a ticket to a live poker event like the WSOP. All of these are just another form of rakeback.

Why should you come to us at Rake The Rake?

Because we are the best, we have been poker rakeback experts for over a decade now. We have helped countless online poker players find the best online poker rakeback deals and helped them claim thousands of dollars. At the time of writing we have raked back over $150,000,000 for over 250,000 poker players! Do you need another reason than that? That is real money back in your pocket. No hidden fees, no tricks, no gimmicks. Just a good idea, executed well. So bookmark our page and check it before you join any new game, you don't want to miss out. Join us and start earning your rakeback today!

Can I get rakeback on an existing account?

Absolutely! In most cases you can by applying to have your account retagged to RakeTheRake. Some rooms don’t allow it or have particular criteria before permitting it, but if you apply we’ll let you know what is and isn’t possible and what the alternatives might be.

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