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Poker news | Nov 16, 2021

2 RakeTheRake Players on FInal Table at WSOP

By RTR Dennis


Two #RakeTheRake Players have made it to the Final 10 of the No-Limit Hold'em World Championship at the #WSOP

At this years World Series of Poker No-Limit Hold'em World Championship two Rake The Rake players have made it to the final 10 players.

They are currently enjoying a well earned 20 minute break but will soon be back in the action and ready to go.

The final table is a mixed-pack of experienced and rookie players alike from countries around the world. Of course, the United States has a majority of the table but other countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and even Austria, Argentina and Turkey are represented here.

Koray Aldemir is going into the final table as a strong chip leader with double the next nearest player, George Holmes. The rest of the pack is fairly well distributed with anywhere between 8 million and 50 million.

Below is an up-to-date table of each player and their current chip count before play resumes;

SeatPlayerChip CountCountryBig Blinds
1Jareth East7,900,000United Kingdom10
2Koray Aldemir130,200,000Austria163
3Jack Oliver34,000,000United Kingdom43
4Demosthenes Kiriopoulos5,900,000Canada7
5Ozgur Secilmis26,500,000Turkey33
6George Holmes76,200,000United States95
7 Chase Bianchi 14,100,000 United States 18
8 Joshua Remitio 43,600,000 United States 55
9 Alejandro Lococo 49,000,000Argentina 61
10 Hye Park 11,900,000 United States 15

Rake The Rake players Secilmis and Bianchi are going into the final table with 26,500,00 and 14,100,00 respectfully. Unfortunately this does place them at the lower end of the table but as we all know, in poker, anything can happen.

We here at Rake The Rake will be doggedly cheering our players until the very end. They have made every opportunity to learn the game and the hard work and determination is clearly paying off. Of course, ever players goal is to win this final table but they have each beat literally thousands of other players to make it all the way to this final table so what ever happens from now on they can all hold their heads high knowing they have played a smart and tactical game up until this point.

I for one am very keen to follow the action so at this point I will be cutting this article short. The excitement has already got to me as I'm sure it has you.

Please join me in watching the rest of this incredible battle and please let me know on Twitter what you think of the tournament and who you think will come out on top.

Credit: PokerNews.Com