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Poker news | Jan 18, 2022

Top 10 Best And Funniest Online Poker Handles

By RTR Jamie

Top 10 poker handles 2

Nicknames are a common thing in poker, for example Texas Dolly, The Poker Brat and Amarillo Slim. Now that poker is available online, you need to pick a poker handle, and it's boring to use your real name. So, players have come up with some very creative and funny poker handles over the years, here are the top 10.

10. Meatsweats

I’m sure you’ve experienced the meatsweats once in your life, unless you’re a vegetarian of course. Although, if you have played against James CarRoll at online poker, maybe you have experienced the meatsweats…

James Carroll is an American poker player that has won a total of $5,608,349 in casino winnings. Although he has made it to three WSOP final tables, he is yet to take the crown, or the bracelet so to speak.


According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of ‘Thicc’ is when a "person has fat in the right places, creating desirable curves".

With this definition in mind, it may be hard to think who it could be behind the online alias. Well, it is American poker player Michael Del Vecchio. Vecchio uses this poker handle for the WSOP online poker tournaments.

Vecchio is currently 543rd in the All Time Money list, with a total of $3,127,826.

8. Isildur1

This one is for the Lord of the Rings fan’s, they know Isildur as the High King of Gondor. Poker fans may know him as Viktor Blom, a Swedish high-stakes online poker player.

Blom made his fame in 2009 when he took part in some of the largest poker pots in history, against famous professionals such as Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan. At the time Blom was an anonymous online player, it wasn't until 2011 that PokerStars revealed his identity.

Blom holds the record for the biggest loss in the history of online poker. In 2009, went face to face with Brian Hastings in a game that lasted five hours before Blom had decided to give up, he faced a $4.2 million loss.

After this loss, Blom went on to make $1.25 million at the PCA $100,000 Super high Roller three years later.

7. Ziigmund

Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies, is a very successful online and offline Finnish poker player. It is not confirmed why he calls himself Zigmund, it could be a riff on the famous Psychologist and Philosopher Sigmund Freud.

Ziiggy is known for his trash talk at the table, making him an all round feared opponent. It is no surprise that he is successful, he started playing poker at the age of 15, when he played in a game at fellow Finnish player, Patrik Antonius’ home.

Sahamies currently has a total of $2,024,871 in live earnings.

6. Durrrr

Not the most creative poker handle of them all, but the story behind it is interesting.

Tom Dawn couldn't think of anything when signing up to his online poker account so he went with ‘Durrr’. Dawn set up his account when receiving a $50 gift card from his father, and he managed to turn it into the most profitable gift voucher ever.

Dawn made a total of $8.2 million in online cash winnings during his prime time. During this time he played well-known professionals both on GSN’s High Stakes Poker and NBC’s Poker After Dark.

5. LuckySpewy1

This one is a little odd, and I could tell you the meaning behind it, but that's what makes it funny. According to the Collins dictionary, spewy is another way of saying marshy or frothy, not that this really helps with the meaning behind the poker handle.

The player behind the name is 2020 WSOP.com’s player of the year, Yong Kwon. Kwon puts a lot of hours and effort into playing online poker, so it's no shock that he had won the online WSOP player of the award. Not only this, he also won a bracelet during the 2019 NLH Online event.

4. Urindanger

Vietnamese American former professional poker player Di Dang, used the online poker handle ‘Urindanger’ during his Full-tilt playing days. He mainly focused on online high-stakes cash games such as pot-limit Omaha Hold’em.

During his online poker days he made over $8,000,000, which he used to open a restaurant with his brother. Their restaurant is called Chasin’ tails and it has shown to be very successful with multiple restaurants in Virginia, USA.

3. LilHoldem954

Chad Batista was mainly known as LilHoldem954 during his poker career, it was likely that players would know who LilHoldem954 was, but not the mastermind behind it.

Batista was not the tallest, thus the reasoning for the ‘lil’ in his poker handle but he was a legend. He won a crazy amount of online tournaments, not just in the name lilholdem954, but also M8kingmoves, which he definitely was. He made $1 million in live tournaments and millions more online.

Sadly, in 2015 Batista passed away from a brain bleed at the age of 35.

2. BrockLesnar

Yes, this one is named after the professional WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar.

Mike Holtz currently goes by the name “BrockLesnar” when playing online poker. The name was very fitting during the 2021 online WSOP, as he wrestled his way to the top of the Player of the Year leaderboard with 84,095.07 points.

He has made a total of $370, 547 in winnings, with $160,487 of this being from the World Series of Poker.

1. OMGClayAiken

There is one thing that this poker handle gives away, and that is that Phil Galfond is a big fan of American Idol winner Clay Aiken. He uses the alias ‘OMGClayAiken when playing tables at Full Tilt Poker.

Galfond is mostly known for his high-stakes cash games and wins. He has won a live total of $2,966,023 and has won three World Series of Poker bracelets between 2008 and 2018.

While still having a presence playing in the poker world, Galfond now runs an online poker training site called Run It Once Training and it is one of the world's leading poker strategy communities.

How To Pick Your Own Poker Alias

Do you want a poker alias as cool as these professionals? Something that will make you successful?

Well, looking at this bunch of poker handles, it is clear to see there is no strategy in coming up with a username for yourself.

You could pick the first thing that comes to your mind, perhaps ‘ummm’, or you could pick something that you have interest in, maybe your favourite childhood cartoon character, Spongebob for example.

The online poker world is your oyster, you can pick anything, as long as it is not already taken of course.

My favourite that I have seen on the RakeTheRake site is ‘TheLamboFund’, so shout out to you and good luck!