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Poker news | Jan 12, 2022

Top 5 Poker Freakouts

By RTR Jamie

Top 5 Poker Freakouts 3

We all know that some poker players can be brats *cough* Phil Hellmuth *cough*, and it is very entertaining for us viewers. But, he is not the only one.

There's a lot of money at stake when it comes to poker, so you can understand the frustration that losing could cause, especially when there is trash talk from the table involved.

Shuffle up while I deal you the top 5 poker freakouts.

5. Luke Schwartz

In 2019, English poker player Luke Schwartz got into a sparring match with David Benyamine when Schwartz threatened that he will go all-in, if Benyamine bets after he “angles” Schwartz.

Hellmuth and Negreanu giggle throughout the situation, as they should, it was funny. Schwartz goes all in, as does Benyamine. Schwartz begins to celebrate as Benyamine turns his cards revealing that Schwartz has the better hand, two jacks.

4. Phil Helmuth

The list would not be complete without the appearance of ‘The Poker Brat’ and I’m sure you've seen many of his freakouts, so I wanted to give you one of his most fresh rages.

At the 2021 World Series of Poker, Phil Hellmuth was in with the chance of winning his 16th WSOP bracelet at the $10,000 Seven Card Stud final table. It did not go his way, and so of course, he was a brat about it. He was beaten by fellow American poker player, Anthony Zinno.

3. Scotty Nguyen

During the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E Championship at the 2008 World Series of Poker, Nguyen lets the drinks get to his head and play a quite unprofessional game.

When face to face with DeMICHELE, he shows his cards to the audience, not just once but twice, not long after getting angry at DeMICHELE for slightly celebrating a win.After gifting Eric Lindgren a win at the table, Nguyen changes his tune and starts to lose his patience with the waiting staff as they have yet to bring him his “cocktail” (actually a beer). He again gets angry at DeMICHELE, taking his empty drinking hand frustration out on him.

He later gets angry with Lindgren at the start of a game of Razz after Lindgrenmakes a joke that Nguyen couldn’t quite handle. The sparring continues throughout the game, until the end when Nguyen and DeMICHELE make up by wishing each other luck.

Nguyen had all the luck in the end, becoming the 2008 World Champion winning a total of $2 million.

2. Jeff Lisandro vs Prahlad Friedman

During the 2006 World Series of Poker, things got a little heated between American Friedman and Italian Lisandro.

Prahlad wrongfully accuses Lisandro of robbery and not posting his ante, this upsets Lisandro. The pair begin to bicker and are asked to let it go, however, Friedman does not and asks to speak to floorman regarding the issue. Lisandro was not happy about this so he stands up and threatens to knock Friedmans “teeth out” and “take his head off”.

1. Mike Matusow vs Shawn Sheikhan

At the 2005 World Series of Poker, it was clear that Matusow and Sheikan were the biggest rivals of the tournament and the clip below clearly shows it.

Sheikhan gets frustrated that he is starting to run out of chips, so when it comes down to Matusow and Kessler after Sheikhan folds, he slams down his chips realising that he would have got part of the flop.

Sheikhan discusses what he had in his hand and Matusow does not appreciate this and so, he states that Sheikhan is not part of the hand should “shut the **** up”. Sheikhan is shocked and confused as to why Matusow would say such a thing! A floorman heads over to diffuse the situation, and things calm down while Matusow and Kessler finish the game. Sheikhan does not stop there and calls Matusow an idiot, to which he stands up angry and shouts facts at Sheikhan. A time out is then given to both of the players by the floorman.

Not long after the heated moment, the two are pitted together and unfortunately, Matusow loses and allows Sheikhan to double up. The trash talk continues on the table between the two, making it very entertaining to watch. Matusow manages to knock Sheikan out of the game, giving him a friendly hug and then stating that Sheikan “lasted way too long”. A bittersweet ending, I would say.