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Poker news | Mar 24, 2022

GGPoker Keeps Dan Bilzerian as Poker Ambassador

By RTR Dennis

GG Poker Keeps Dan Bilzerian as Poker Ambassador

GGPoker Keeps Dan Bilzerian as Poker Ambassador

GGPoker, one of the largest online poker sites in the world has made the shocked announcement today that they will continue to work with Poker pro Dan Bilzerian.

Dan Bilzerian is a polarising individual with a massive social media presence, the self described "king of instagram" having amassed over 32 million followers on instagram alone. The social media influencer, who inherited a large portion of his wealth from his father, often shares photos of scantily clad women and himself around a pool or on a private jet on one of his many trips to Las Vegas to play poker against other recreational players.

Dan Bilzerian is famed as having one many high stakes cash games and some assume he is still living off the wealth from these huge wins. There is no denying he is a very capable poker player but it is his behaviour away from the table that has caused the issue with his retention at GGPoker.

The news that Dan Bilzerian would be representing GGPoker was initially released in December 2020 and was met with an out cry on social media denouncing the decision. Dan Bilzerian's wasted no time in causing offence to his then time colleague Vanessa Kade with Dan Calling Vanessa a "Hoe" on Day 1 of his position on Team GGPoker.

Vanessa was a long time ambassador for GGPoker but following the hiring of Dan Bilzerian and her outspoken position against this decision she was unceremoniously let go. GGPoker seemed to have made a clear distinction of where there allegiance lies. Although Vanessa's position has been clear, Vanessa will have been negatively affected financially from this change, with Vanessa herself admitting that although she has not actively promoted her affiliate account in a couple years, but she was still making “a couple thousand” a month from the rake sharing deal.

Kade shared the message she received from GGPoker’s affiliate manager, Rachel Ralson, who informed her that her affiliate account was being closed, adding;

It’s a shame you can’t see all the things we’re trying to accomplish and the amazing people behind the scenes who are working tirelessly to make GGPoker amazing. To call us misogynistic is completely inaccurate and offensive to everyone that works here especially the women.

Ralson went on to describe her positive experiences with GGPoker, explaining that the company has supported her need to juggle a career and kids.

Your company has actively recruited a man who has abused women, and openly belittled and degraded them. It’s basically a staple of his brand,

Kade shot back.

Kade added, bluntly;

GG supports misogyny. There are no two ways about it.

GGPoker announced their intention to continue working with Dan Bilzerian on Twitter. They also made the unusual choice of not allowing any comments on the tweet. Perhaps aware of the potential backlash they would receive from their customers and other poker players. This backlash has already begun with many Poker pro's denouncing this move by GGPoker. With some accusing them of employing Dan purely for the shock factor and the infamy that will come with this, whilst others have alluded to something more sinister, that GGPoker and perhaps even the wider poker community has an issue with women in Poker. Meaning the community has some way to go before it can be considered an equal opportunity arena.

Many people had assumed that GGPoker had severed ties with Dan Bilzerian following his removal from the GGPoker homepage on International Woman's Day. This change was lauded at the time with many poker players sharing the news far and wide. The issue being of course that it wasn't true. Following the most recent tweet about GGPokers intentions to continue work with Dan Bilzerian there are many that are angered with GGPoker themselves.

GGPoker seems to have attempted to cash in on the news of Dan's dismissal from GGPoker, choosing to make the change to the website on such a pertinent day and then trying to further gain attention by announcing the most recent news of his retention as GGPoker ambassador. Perhaps GGPoker will benefit from the drama and notoriety or perhaps player will go elsewhere as a statement against this decision. Either way, it looks like GGPoker will need a new PR team before long.