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Poker news | Apr 20, 2022

Ali Imsirovic Accused of Cheating at Poker by Alex Foxen

By RTR Jamie

Imsirovic Accused of Cheating

Heat arose during the PokerGO Super High Roller Bowl in Cyprus when Poker pro Alex Foxen accused the young Bosnian-American poker player Ali Imsirovic of cheating at the PokerGO Tour Final Table Main Event.

Alex Foxen has been accused of controversy in the past, however, this time round he is the accusee. He states that Ali Imsirovic is a cheater in the high-stakes poker world, in both live and online poker.

The allegations took place on Twitter where Foxen went into a series of details on how Imsirovic cheated his way to the top of the 2022 PokerGo Tour Leaderboard.

Foxen put out a Twitter thread on how Imsirovic is a cheater, he alleged;

‘Poker black-lists can’t come soon enough. Imsirovic is banned from GGpoker for Multi-accounting and RTA…’

He continued, stating that Imsirovic is a known cheater to almost all of the high roller community and that as Imsirovic opens to CO with A♥9♣ he visibly looks down at another Paul Phua’s hole cards. Imasirovic later wins the hand against Phua and Michael Addamo, causing even more frustration for Foxen.

Foxen posts a few photos with the accusation showing him looking down at Paul Phau’s cards. Although, he states that you can see it more clearly in the video footage than the still photos.

It seems that this is not the only time that Imsirovic has cheated, as we know Foxen stated that he has opened multiple accounts at poker rooms and been banned by GGpoker for doing so. Foxen has also been accused of using a Real-time assistant when playing.

He also claims that he has in fact witnessed numerous chip dumps to horses and many suspicious changes in play from players that are known to be Imsirovic’s horses when deep in online MTTs.

There is not much evidence visible on the allegations just mentioned, however, Foxen says in a reply on his thread that there is hard evidence of his ban from GG for using RTA’s, but he is not able to release this as of yet.

Imsirovic is yet to comment on the situation, but there has been many response from players in the high-stakes community, one biting back at Foxen mentioning the scandal between him and his girlfriend, the player said,

‘What qualifies for black list? For instance, swapping 30% with your significant other at a final table and soft playing 3 handed?’

To which Foxen replied,

‘Funny, I expected only mindless trolls to bring this up. Which hand was soft play? Did you just read a doug polk headline and regurgitate it?

It was an awkward situation. We tried to chop, and swapped to try to diminish any subconscious bias in favor of each other’.

Another player states that he was also swindled by Imsirovic and his team during many poker games, the player replied to the tweet saying,

‘I'd like a refund for all the high rollers I played lol I mean I know something was going on when you have 6-7 of them cuddled up like school girls obviously playing on Ali's bankroll! I'm just mad that I was stupid enough to still play knowing this shit was going on’.

Foxen later goes on top to point out that Imsirovic wore sunglasses to a poker tournament the very next day, stating that it is the first time he has ever seen him wear them and that ‘The whispers of this egregious hold carding must have made its way back to him’.

We will let you make your own decision on whether you think Foxen is right to accuse Imsirovic of cheating both during the PokerGO Tour as well as any other accusations. We have yet to see any hard evidence, but the closest thing we can give you is the video clip of Imsirovic supposedly looking at Phua’s cards.

So what do you think? Is Imsirovic a cheat? Or is Foxen wrong to accuse?