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Poker news | Oct 11, 2022

The Best Poker Chip Sets

By RTR Jamie

The Best Poker Chip Sets

If you're an avid poker player it can be fun to host your own poker night, but you might want to impress your guests with the best poker chip set in town!

It is now very easy to find some impressive-looking chips, but this has made it harder to find the best of the bunch. You’re in luck as we have researched the best poker chip sets to buy online from the coolest to the rarest!

Affordable Poker Chip Sets

SLOWPLAY Nash 14 Grams Clay Set

The SLOWPLAY engineering and design teams worked for 18 months to create this product, and every detail has been carefully crafted to help players enjoy their poker-playing experience. The poker chip set illustrates good taste and high quality, making it an ideal gift for poker fans.

The set includes 2 packs of cards, a dealer button, 300 chips, and a chip case for you to carry everything in.

Click Here To Buy - Price: £99.99

81 Mc Js D5g AL AC SL1500

Bullets Playing Cards Casino Set

Bullets Playing Cards have designed this poker set for an exceptional gaming experience. They want you to be able to use the set more than once, rather than being left with tattered cards and a fuzzy felt carpet that can be easily ruined.

This set is a bit affordable so it is not quite as stylish as the set above, although they are still modish and will make you look like a poker pro.

It includes a poker case, 300 poker chips, 2 poker decks, a poker rules booklet, 5 dice, and a dealer button.

Click Here To Buy - Price: £79.99

81x Mgu D Ub FL AC SL1500

Da Vinci 11.5 gram Poker Chip Casino Set

This premium set of poker chips comes with 750 plastic poker chips, which is a lot compared to other brands, so if you lose any you’ve got spares, or maybe you’re playing with more money or players.

The set comes with 3 dealer buttons, the big blind, the small blind, and the dealer. It also comes with 2 decks of playing cards, 2 cut cards, and a carrying case. Although the reviews on the case aren’t great, it may be best to get a different one to carry as the chips weigh 11.5 grams and the case can’t quite handle this. (Silly, I know), but the rest of the set is worth it.

Click Here To Buy - Price £278

91x D2 X0 Q n S AC SL1500

Fat Cat Texas Hold’em Claytex Poker Chip Set

The Fat Cat Hold'em Dealer poker chip set includes everything you need to keep the games going at tournaments, card clubs, or playing poker games with your buddies.

The set comes with 500 chips, dice, 2 packs of cards, 3 dealer buttons, and an aluminium carrying case.

Click Here To Buy - Price: £130.11

81b Doerlcl L AC SL1500

Most Expensive Poker Sets

So, you’ve made a lot of money playing poker and now you want to invite your friend's rounds and play a home game, but you want to impress them with the most expensive poker chip set that is super rare…

Well, we have put together the perfect list of expensive poker sets for you.

Geoffrey Parker Luxury Poker Chip Set

With a leather-bound attacécase and 600 professional clay poker chips, you can host a luxurious poker night at home in style. It comes with 4 decks of ‘Bee’ playing cards and a lock to secure the chips and cards securely.

For Sale Here - Price: $3,160

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L’Objet Haas Poker Set

This set of poker cards may not be as expensive as the one above or the rest we will be mentioning, but it is unique and certainly a conversation starter for your poker night.

It is a bright and playful poker set from L’Objet and Haas Brothers that has been crafted from lacquered wood. It comes with 2 packs of cards, dealer buttons, and chips (however, it doesn't state how many).

For Sale Here - Price: £1,035


PRADA Saffiano Leather Poker Set

A sleek leather poker set from PRADA, perfect to show off to your fashion friends (if that's what you want to do), or anyone if you tell them the price!

The set comes with dice, chips, 2 pencils, and 2 decks of cards.

For Sale Here - Price: £5,100

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Geoffrey Parker Alligator Poker Set

Another one from the luxury games brand, this time round it is the most expensive poker set in the world, it costs £5,000,000

The set is custom-built to order in alligator leather, you can choose materials from alligator, diamond, rubies, and white gold. The set was featured on Channel 4’s World’s Most Expensive Presents.

If you are not willing to spend £5 million, then I wouldn’t opt for the white gold casino chips, all other types of chips bring the price down by a couple million, so go for those.

Price: £18,550 - £5,000,000

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Lancelot Lancaster White, Luxury Design Poker Gaming Box

Lancelot Lancaster White, Luxury Design Poker Gaming Box

Unfortunately, this poker set has been sold for £7,500 so you can no longer get your hands on this unique luxury poker set.

The set comes in a box with a dark lacquered surface, gilded hardware, a hinged cover Iliad with mother of pearl design, 500 ‘Abbiati’ poker chips contained in 10 trays, silver-gilt handles, two black leather playing card cases, a lockable box with silver-gilt makers plate, and contained with padded velvet pocket and tough outer traveling case.

Screenshot 14