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Poker news | Jan 23, 2023

Poker board games

By RTR Sarah

Poker board game

Playing poker in the style of a board game is a novel, fun way to play poker with friends and family. These unique board games combine the excitement and strategy of poker in a style that is accessible for everybody!

Star Poker

The objective of Star Poker is to create poker hands to score points and the player with the highest score wins. This game is for between 2 to 7 players and ages 8+.

Each turn, players place a tile onto one of the seven sides of the board and continue until someone has scored. To score, players need to make a poker hand. Once there are no more tiles to draw and all the tiles in each player's hands have been used up, whoever has the most points wins.

Word Poker

The objective of Word Poker is, with a combination of your own cards and the tables, to create the highest scoring word. This game is for more than 2 people and ages 12+.

Letter cards replace playing cards in this game, each letter having its individual score value assigned on the card. Players need to form a word that creates the highest amount of points, using a combination of the cards in their hand and the table. During betting rounds, players can bet on how strong they believe their word to be in order to win the pot of chips.

Cockroach Poker

The objective of Cockroach Poker is to make sure you don’t get caught bluffing about the cards you pass to your opponents. This game is for between 2 to 6 players and ages 8+.

Players need to force their opponents to collect four cards with the same animal or insect on. Players must bluff convincingly about the cards they pass to opponents, who can choose to either believe them, call their bluff, or pass the card to a different player. The game finishes when a player gets four of a kind or when a player with no more cards in their hand next begins a round.

Battle Line

The objective of Battle Line is to win the battle by taking five out of nine flags, or three adjacent to each other, by creating a formation similar to a poker hand. This game is for 2 players and ages 10+.

Players take turns playing one card from their hand and then one from either the troop or tactic deck, placing them either side of the flag. Once both players have three cards out then a flag can be claimed. Flags are claimed by creating a formation similar to a poker hand out of the three cards.

Poker Tiles

The objective of Poker Tiles is to create poker hands with the tiles. This game is for between 2 to 4 players who are ages 12+.

On their turn, players must place down tiles that resemble playing cards. Players receive points by forming poker hands and whoever has the most points by the end of the game is crowned the winner.


The objective of Pokamates is to create poker hands with the cards. This game is for between 2 to 6 players and ages 12+.

Players must take turns to place playing cards, either vertically or horizontally, onto the board and create poker hands.

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